Birthday and 'The List' 
Saturday, October 19, 2013, 03:04 PM - General
I celebrated by birthday by biking up to the Four Hills rocks with Josiah and Leigh for the sunset and then heading down to Tractor for a couple beers. I also released a list of things that I would like to accomplish before I turn 30. It's ambitious - perhaps impossible - but why not set sights high. Here we go!

1. Ski Mt. Rainier.
2. Scuba dive a tropical reef.
3. Eat an amazing steak in Argentina.
4. Buy fat skis, shred pow, and huck a 10+ footer.
5. Bike 3,000 miles with 50,000 ft of elevation gain.
6. Climb South Maroon Peak via the Bell Cord. (Bonus points for Pyramid Peak.)
7. Mountain bike 20 miles at night.
8. Climb a high alpine route to a major summit (e.g., Ellingwood Ledges, Grand Teton).
9. Take a train from Oslo to the Norwegian fjords.
10. Become a technician on Albuquerque Mountain Rescue. (Bonus points for relearning WFR skills with a ride-along with Albuquerque Fire Department.)
11. Spend a week at burning man.
12. Go hot air ballooning.
13. Ski every named run at Taos.
14. Mountaineer in the southern hemisphere (e.g., Aconcagua, Cotopaxi, …)
15. Watch a U.S. soccer game at the world cup in Brazil.
16. Eat curry in India without getting sick.
17. Gamble in Vegas.
18. Heli-ski in South America.
19. Raft the Taos Box.
20. Attend an epic music festival (Tomorrowland?).
21. Ski Vallee Blanche from Aiguille du Midi in Chamonix. (Super bonus: do full Haute Route!)
22. Brew a tasty ale while drinking a tasty beer.
23. Canyoneer in Utah with a 100+ ft rappel.
24. Create a video of time lapse photography.
25. Party with a shot luge.
26. Climb a multi-pitch ice or mixed route.
27. Get a ski race suit and take home NASTAR gold.
28. Chase animals around the African savanna.
29. Backpack in the Canadian Rockies, e.g., Banff.
30. Get a couple more house plants.

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