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  • 2018
    • October
      • Danube and Dachstein, Austria
        My birthday weekend landed in the middle of a work trip to Vienna, so I took the opportunity to visit an old friend: Zee Alps. I rented a car and after work drove into the heart of the city to find the via ferrata equipment I needed. It was a mess. The parking garages were full, tourists and locals

    • September
      • Battleship Rock Rescue
        I managed to free up most of a workday to head up to Battleship Rock in the Jemez for a midweek search. I arrived about 11:30am to Incident Base to find many teams were already out. I spent a long time brainstorming with the incident commander about search plans and talking to the reporting party. T

    • August
      • Taos Vortex and Rio Float
        I've been struggling with some knee issues ("internal derangement"), which has me and Jess seeking alternatives to hiking and biking activities.

      • Playing around the Tetons
        After the Grand Picnic, my knee was toast. I entertained the idea of mountain biking for a while, but I couldn't even get up and down the condo stairs. The ladies were off at the Mountain Biking Camp, so the gents got a massive brunch with sausage, pancakes, hash-browns, and an omelet at Nora&#

    • July
      • The Grand Picnic
        A crew of mountain bikers invited me up to Jackson Hole to ride for 5 days, but I thought it might be nice to mix up the adventures, so I asked the faceplace if anyone would be interested in climbing the Upper Exum. My friend Mike said he'd be down, and then asked if I would be into a picnic? I

    • March
      • Mexico + Pico De Orizaba
        Mike and Ximena were getting hitched in Oaxaca, so I decided to add a little mountaineering to the trip. I wanted to climb Pico de Orizaba for years because of the high altitude challenge, so here was my chance. I asked a few friends to see if anyone was game and my old buddy Nick from my soccer tea

    • January
      • Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore
        I worked out with my family to hold Christmas a little early in order to jump on another sailing adventure with Alejandro and crew. I landed in Phuket at 1am on Christmas day, couldn't get to sleep until 4am, and was headed to the marina by 9am.

        Yacht Haven Marina had a chill vibe o

  • 2017
    • December
      • Red River Race Camp
        After a very scary year, the UNM lobos are racing for at least a couple more years. So it was an absolute pleasure to go up for my 5th Red River Race Camp with the Lobos. Where else can you ski with some of the best racers in the world?! This year, Jeff, Jon, and I paired up with Nicky - a local rac

      • Moab Biking and Canyoneering
        I had been feeling bummed I didn't get a Moab trip this fall, but then a large international work trip fell through so I got my chance. (Thanks Indian Consulate in Houston.) Jess and I went up with the camper after she got off at the hospital and overnighted by the Narraguinnep Reservoir outsid

    • October
      • Tandem Cycling to Santa Fe
        I've started getting better at talking Jess into difficult adventures. Most recently we rode a tandem to Santa Fe from Nob Hill. Town and the canyon went fairly quickly, but riding up to the Triangle started to hurt a little more. The tandem isn't really designed for climbing, but it certa

    • September
      • Building a cycling speaker setup
        I built a music box for a tow-behind bike trailer. Check out the schematic and video for all the DIY details.

        Batteries - $37
        Battery Charger - $15
        Waterproof Switch - $10
        Volt/Power Meter (optional) - $19
        Bluetooth Audi

      • Mega Bike + Hike Sandia Adventure with Jess
        I convinced Jess to join me for a multi-sport adventure that turned into a rather major endeavor. We started at 7am at the Tram parking lot and biked down Tramway, up Route 66 (Reaper Ride) to Tijeras, and up the hill to Canyon Estates Trailhead. Jess really struggled up the final climb, but we took

      • Boundary Waters Canoe Trip
        I took a much-needed week off work to join my parents and three of their friends for a canoe trip into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) Wilderness in upper Minnesota against Canada.

        I got lunch with Daimon and his wife in Minneapolis - a real treat since the last time I saw him was

    • August
      • Josh's 30 Birthday
        Like my 30th Birthday, my Mom wanted to do something fun for my brother for his 30th. She created an elaborate medieval/fantastical plot involving a bunch of people in the family. I had three roles: the first was to give Josh clues to start a treasure hunt that my parents would conduct to give him

      • Mountain Rescue Mission on Muralla Grande and Training on Torreon
        This last week was packed with a couple fun rescues and trainings. On Weds, a couple climbers attempted to climb La Selva, but ended up on Excitable Boys and then found their way over to the football field ledge. From there they decided that it was too risky to rappel because they didn't know

    • June
      • Vegas, Baby!
        Jess was getting together with old friends, Kristen and Keith, in Vegas for the weekend and she invited me out to stay with her. I said, "Sure!" We all met up at the Luxor on Friday morning and then went out to the Rehab pool party. Their friend, Josh, just moved out to Vegas so he acted

    • May
      • Iron Horse 2017
        Jeff wanted to do the Iron Horse this year, so I decided to provide company on the long climb. Plus Emil had a Citizen's Tour pass up for grabs and Kendrick wanted to get rid of his MTB race bib so I weaseled my way into an unofficial omnium for the weekend. Jeff wanted to give Sheliah a bed fo

      • 12 Hours of Mesa Verde
        It's been a while since I've posted anything, but I'm hoping to back-fill stories of the last few months soon...

        I participated in the 12 Hours of Mesa Verde mountain bike race for the 3rd year in a row. And unlike the last couple years, I didn't get rain/snow/sleeted

    • March
      • St. Patties at St. Paul Hut
        A mostly AMRC crew went up to St. Paul Lodge to get some nice skiing in with friends. Andreas was training for Denali so I gave him some training weight - a 1/6th barrel of training weight - and the party was on. Jeff and I built a little booter out front for people to hit, but I think only me and K

    • February
      • Mountain Collective Ski Trip
        Jeff and I took the A-liner camper around to 5 Mountain Collective ski resorts over two weeks. We'd been planning this trip for years, and actually wanted to go up to Canada to ski 3 other resorts on the pass, but work/life obligations got in the way. At any rate, here's a movie that I pu

    • January
      • Cold Adventures - January 2017
        I attended an excellent scenario-based AMRC training on a brutally cold, windy Saturday morning. Hans and I we're on the strike team with Aspen and we discovered a patient had fallen off the limestone band of the Sandias near the Tombstone. Hans and I traversed around to reach the subject, whi

      • Aspen and Telluride for New Year's Eve
        Jess, Jeff, Sheilah, and I took the camper up to Aspen for New Years. Jeff and Sheliah got a place with some other friends in Snowmass but I scored a deal through the mountain rescue community to crash at Mountain Rescue Aspen's cache to save some cash. Keith gave us the grand tour of the multi

  • 2016
    • December
      • Christmas 2016
        I spent a week back in Southern Illinois and Missouri for Christmas. I caught a ride from Josh down to Alto Pass and we started right away with tree-decorating, Christmas songs, and overeating. The rest of the family came down the next day and we hiked up to Bald Knob Cross in a light drizzle. It wa

      • Red River Race Camp and Bull-of-the-Wood Yurt
        Jeff and I took the Aliner pop-up camper to Red River and snagged a perfect little camp spot in the forest by the resort parking area. We skied a 3 days with instruction from the Lobos alpine team. It was especially great to ski with Nick because he grew up in Taos and is one of only a few NM racers

      • Lost hikers in TWA Canyon and the AMRC Rescue Challenge
        I responded to a mountain rescue pageout for a couple lost hikers in TWA canyon. The last cell phone ping we had, put them on the trail directly under the tram, so Justin, Aspen, Leigh, Frank, Pete and I caught a lift up the tram to the top to search from the top while another team headed up Domingo

      • Niagara Falls and an Aussie Reunion
        I traveled to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls for the 2016 IRED conference. I had a great view of the falls from my hotel and snuck in a trip on the Hornblower (e.g., Canadian Maid of the Mist) at the end of the conference. There is sooo much water there. If we could only pipe that to New Mexico

    • November
      • Chaco Canyon with Parents
        My parents visited Albuquerque for the week surrounding Thanksgiving. We had a small, but sweet, thanksgiving feast at my place and ultimately decided to explore a little of the southwest with the camper. Mom was especially excited to try it out, that was until the heater failed on a 20 degree night

      • Moab Canyoneering Trip
        Jess and I joined a mostly AMRC crew in Moab for a weekend of Canyoneering. We joined Justin and Craig in Arches and started off the adventure with a warm up lap on U-Turn Canyon. I was relieved to see that Jess was a natural and hardly blinked when it came to steep cliffs or exposed rappels.
    • October
      • Birthday Super RTM and Snowzobra/Gelande Quaffing
        I spent my birthday doing what I love: pushing through my limits in the mountains. I combined two of ABQ's hardest road rides into something a little insane. A ride that totalled nearly 11 hrs door-to-door (10 hrs in the saddle), 108 miles, and 10,000 ft of climbing. I did the "round the m

      • South Boundary and Tim & Sharon's Wedding
        A tradition as old as Snowzobra, the masses have gathered at Garcia Park for mountain biking bliss. This year we timed the Aspens perfectly. There were bonfires, keg beer, one very rough icing, a broken finger, nudity, 4 flat repairs (on the same bike), and somehow 10 people cruised through the gold

      • AIT, Golden, Jeff's Birthday, Brewfest, and points in between
        Here's a bunch of random things:

        AIT Visit. I hosted a couple colleagues from the Austrian Institute of Technology in the lab to work on hardware-in-the-loop testing of a smart inverter. It was great to have Roland visit, as the two of us have shared some fun times in Japan, India,

      • Talia's Wedding at Hunter Mountain, NY
        In a not-so-well-thought-out plan, I caught the last flight to Albany NY on a Friday night. I got in at 12:30 and barely got my Avis rental before they closed up shop in the airport. I drove 1.5 hours south toward Hunter Mountain and hoped that I could find some sort of camping. I lucked out and ran

      • Sandia Hikes and Flying at the Craters
        Taking advantage of the nice Sept weather (i.e., dodging the recent monsoons), Jess and I hiked La Luz from the tram after work one Thursday night. We got out of the parking lot a little after 5pm, so I knew that we were going to struggle to make the last 9pm tram. There was a great sunset and then

    • September
      • John Muir Trail and Death Valley
        I linked up with my Dad for a backpacking trip from Mammoth Lakes to Tuolumne Meadows stretch of the JMT. We rented a car and cruised up to a little campsite at the Grandview Campground in Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest outside of Big Pine, CA. We arrived at about 10pm on a Saturday, so it was no s

    • August
      • Rainy bikepacking trip - Durango to Moab with SJHS
        It was a rainy week we chose to ride from Durango to Moab this summer. The 7 day, 6 night hut-to-hut trip was spectacular but packed with rain and mud. The ride is 215 miles of singletrack and dirt roads across the high alpine San Juan to desert slickrock and supposedly 25% tougher than the Tellurid

    • July
      • Big Sandia MTB and Leigh and Justin's Wedding
        Josiah and I hatched a crazy plan to mountain bike to the top of the Sandias from Nob Hill last weekend. We hit the road from my place at 2:30pm in 101 F temperatures and rode up Route 66 to Tijeras, rested a hot minute, and then rode to Lazy Lizard for an early dinner of pizza and beer. We then sta

      • Arkansas Rafting - Browns Canyon, Royal Gorge, and Upper Bighorn
        Jeanne, Andy, and I drove up on Friday to Salida for a weekend of rafting and kayaking on the Arkansas for our 4th of July. We got very lucky to snag a great camp spot overlooking Silver Creek right at 38.405045, -106.126021. Nearly every spot was taken by the time we got up there, but the rain mus

    • June
      • Crested Butte Bike Week
        Spencer and I met Josiah and Briana mid-afternoon at the North Bank Campground to shuttle up to Doctor Park for a MTB ride. The weather didn't look too bad as we left and car at 3pm - just a few spotty clouds. ~1200' of climbing later we found ourself at the edge of a storm. There was a di

      • AMRC MTB mission, skydiving, and paragliding practice
        The team was called out for an injured mountain biker on King of the Mountain. I tossed my MTB in the back of the car thinking I could ride it in reverse quickly to find him, if needed, but by the time we hit incident base, the firefighters had already spotted the patient and the helicopter was dire

      • Portland and South Sister
        I had nearly two weeks in Portland for the PVSC conference and 1547 meeting. I knocked out my presentation and chairing duties by Weds, so that left plenty of time to eat donuts, check out a few of the brewpubs, and eat well. The conference dinner was at the Portland Timbers stadium too! There wasn&

      • Road Rash: A Gimp's Life
        Tuesday, Spencer and I decided to do an after-work road ride down the bosque and then back on N. Diversion Channel. As we were heading down Lead between I-25 and Broadway, I was drafting super close trying to make the light and launch an attack on the bridge climb. Spencer pointed out a manhole cov

    • May
      • Bareboat Chartering Certification in San Diego
        After sailing in the BVI and Grenadines, I understand the allure of sailing to remote anchorages around the world. I constantly think about the seas in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Thailand, Australia, etc. The first step in making that dream true is to get a bareboat certification. In this case, I

      • Car-camping Tour de Utah
        My uncle spent some of his 20s and 30s in the West and always wanted to reconnect with this part of the country. After retiring at 64 in St. Louis, he made good on that dream and I decided to help him see some things that he would normally not be able to. He also told nonstop stories of 'how it

      • Briana Bday, UNM Ski Team Banquet, Meow Wolf, Atlanta
        Briana threw a swanky party at Effex for her birthday. It was fun.

        Our team took 2nd (again!) in the UNM USSC Corporate Cup - but the banquet is always nice and great way to applaud the scholar athletes on the UNM ski team.

        Elise and I took the railrunner up to Sa

    • April
      • Taos Closing Weekend 4-1-2016
        I've been super behind on updating the blog, but I'm going to try to catch up now...

        Per the annual ritual, we got the Bull of the Woods Yurt for Taos' closing weekend. Briana, Josiah, Lisa, Mike, Ximena, Jeff, Sheilah, and myself skinned and snowshoed to the yurt Friday ev

    • March
      • Taos Scavenger Hunt, Work Travel, and Spring Paragliding
        I talked Jason into letting me borrow his Aliner camper indefinitely but after getting ahold of it, there was so much rat damage it seemed a little overwhelming. I spent 8 hours on Thursday and Friday cleaning out the rat poop and mopping up the rat urine stains. I washed the curtains, oiled the jac

      • AMRC MRA Recert - March 2016

        Mountain rescue teams in the MRA (Mountain Rescue Association) are recertified every 5 years by peers in their region - the rocky mountain region in our case. This last weekend I helped the Albuquerque Mountain Rescue Council (AMRC) pass the recertification with unanimous positive votes

    • February
      • AMRC Firetower training, NREL trip, and 3-resort ski weekend
        Justin arranged a fun training at the AFD Firetower for the team and we ran a couple iterations of high angle raises and lowers. I ran a team that raised Mike up the tower and then we traded places and I rode the dummy back to the ground in a pickoff orientation.

      • Patagonia: Nahuel Huapi, Navimag, and Torres del Paine
        Here's a big one. I did 3 weeks in Patagonia with Jeff and Jack. We trekked the Nahuel Huapi Traverse in Bariloche, Argentina, caught a boat ride from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales through the Chilean Fjords, and spent 9 days completing the circuito completo in Torres del Paine. The trip took

    • January
      • AMRC Winter Training
        Kerry, Brendan, Lance, Zak, Andreas, Paul, and I went up early to do some backcountry Lobo Peak. Kerry, Brendan, and I peeled off from the rest of the gang and played in the fresh snow all the way down Powerline.

        On Saturday, the full crew rolled out of Bill'

      • Ringing in 2016 in Taos and Silverton
        After Christmas in MO and IL, I headed back to the snow and partied with Jason, Victor, and Jeff by skiing the Taos NYE torchlight. There was a great turnout in the ski valley and the snow was wonderfully soft. Afterward Jason and I hiked up to Goldmine and illegally dropped the Kandahar Chutes. It

  • 2015
    • December
      • Christmas 2015
        It was nice to be home for the holidays but my grandfather's health has been visibly weighing on the family - especially my grandmother. Alzheimer's, dementia, senility, and weak knees have put him in an old folk's home in a state of perpetual confusion, where nothing that has happene

      • Lost Snowboarder in Santa Fe and Silverton Ice/Snow
        Thursday night at 9:00, Spencer and I were turning ski equipment in the garage when the text comes in: missing snowboarder in Santa Fe. I decided to head up to see if I could lend a hand along with Verena and Zak. We got to the ski area at about 11:30 and were briefed in the ski patrol room that Rya

      • AMRC Training and First 2015/2016 Taos Ski Day
        I led the December AMRC training and tried to stretch the team by placing 3 people on a cliff in Embudo Canyon. I had 3 simul-climbers with the leader (Jack) stuck in a crack with a dislocated ankle, and the two other climbers (Ron and Susan) with hypothermia and lesser injuries to their arms. Craig

    • November
      • Friendsgiving in Wolf Creek
        A good group of friends got a cabin in South Fork for Thanksgiving. Bonnie and Dave brought the bird and everyone else filled in the rest of a traditional thanksgiving dinner. Katherine and I brought stuffing and pie. Spencer made a big fire and we danced in the snow until the cold got to us.

      • Two weeks in Thailand (with a couple hour visit to Burma and Laos)
        I spent a couple weeks in Thailand with my parents and brother.

        Here are some photos and a little slideshow google generated.

        We took the 15 Day Kaleidoscope of Thailand with River Kwai with the following stops.

    • October
      • Halloween in Moab
        Mike, Allison, Briana, Josiah, and I rode some variation of the Klondike Bluff Outer Loop and EKG on Friday. Then we headed out to the Trailhead of MMI and Lost and Found Canyons. We originally planned to knock out Winter Camp Wash, but since we got to camp after dark, we decided to leave it for ano

      • South Boundary, ASA 101, and Snowzobra
        I hopped on a South Boundary trip with the MTB gang last weekend. We camped out on Friday night in Garcia park and the ladies made breakfast in honor of Sammy's birthday. In the morning we rode up to the top of Osha Pass and the new guy, Spencer, dropped me at the top to KOM the climb. That guy

      • Flying the Craters of AZ
        I joined a number of NM paragliders to head out to the Dixon White Fly-in at the Craters. Max and I carpooled out and I picked his brain about flying (or, rather, he voluntarily provided a 4-hour knowledge dump on the drive). Max, as a recent retiree and new P-3, is super excited about flying, and f

      • Ang and Bill Got Hitched
        Not even back in the States for 24hrs, and there's already a party with all my favorite people. Angela and Bill held a fairytale wedding at Bonanza Creek Ranch. It's been the set for a lot of classic Westerns like Butch Cassidy and 3:10 to Yuma. Everyone dressed up in Western garb and thre

    • September
      • Austria and Italy
        I took a work trip over to Europe to re-energize a collaborative DER interoperability research program. Luckily, I got a little time away from conference rooms and labs to explore, drink a few beers, and get my fill of doner kebaps.

        In Vienna, I climbed the St. Stephen's Cathedral o

    • August
      • Climbing at Palomas
        I took Kelly out to climb with Andreas, Lance, Bobby Jo, and Andy at Palomas last weekend. In my injured condition with limited mobility, I still managed to suffer up People Mover (5.6). Then we headed over to meet up with the rest of the crew and do a few 8's. Kelly knocked out Wavy Gravy, Tri

      • Paragliding Lessons
        The last couple weeks I've been focusing on paragliding. Justin sold me his old canopy, reserve chute, and harness for a good price, so now all I need to do is learn how to fly the freaking thing.

        I've been taking classes with Chuck at Enchanted Air Paragliding and I've be

      • Crested Butte Mountain Biking is Incredible
        Briana and Josiah were wrapping up a long summer road trip through CO with a stop in Crested Butte. They decided to get out of the Dolphin and AirBnB a place in town. They invited the standard crowd to come up to ride, and since I've always wanted to explore CB, I took them up on the offer. Sam

    • July
      • AMRC Guideline, Mike and Tammy Wedding, Winsor MTB
        I finally took a break from travel to say home a weekend. Friday, I met up with Enrique, Jose, and Matt at the Library for the American Outlaws US v Haiti Gold Cup watch party. Afterwards we walked across the street to Anodyne and played billiards way to late.

        I showed up lat

      • 4th of July in San Diego
        For the 4th of July, I decided to take Jason up on the offer to sail on the bay with the fireworks show. I landed on Friday afternoon, and we went straight to the Torrey Pine Sailing Club on Shelter Island to jump on the 25' Catalina. It was a fairly quick sail, but good got me some more skippe

    • June
      • Dro and Nicole Wedding
        I flew out to Oakland Friday morning and linked up with Matt in the city. We did a great little tour of the town: we hit up all the Andy Goldsworthy pieces in the Presidio (watch Rivers and Tides), went over to ride the slides in Seward Mini Park, got a burrito in the Castro (in celebration of the S

      • PVSC in New Orleans and Taos Search
        I spent the week at IEEE PVSC in New Orleans. Conference was good, but I'm shifting away from PV physics to systems integration so it didn't hold as much interest to me as it normally does. Plus, this was my 5th time at the conference talking about arc-faults so it's getting slightly

      • Visiting parents in IL
        I headed back to my childhood home in southern Illinois for a week. Aside from writing a conference paper and preparing/defending a DOE proposal via webinar, it was a relaxing visit home. First few days were cold and rainy, but it eventually got into the 90's with the standard 80+% humidity.
    • May
      • Iron Horse Bicycle Classic 2015
        I arrived in the late evening in Durango and took a stroll. There were heavy storm clouds to the north and I knew the passes were going to be getting some precipitation overnight. After catching up with Bri and Josiah at the check-in/party, I went over to Mike's parents condo and prepared the s

      • AMRC Search/Recovery 5-15-15
        On Weds, AMRC got the page-out to search for a 24-year-old female missing in the Sandias. I had work obligations, so I didn't make it up Weds or Thursday (but they did close down the crest road past the ski area so I couldn't finish my weekly road bike crest climb). It was my Friday off th

      • 12 Hours of Mesa Verde
        On Weds, the ARMC crew got to work with the BCFD/BCSO Rotary Team to figure out how to package for hoist operations. We also checked out the chopper.

        Thursday, Folks got together for a chill south foothills MTB ride and pizza dinner at Bonnie's.


      • AMRC OCC Final Weekend with additional Ski/Climb/Cave/Bike
        I've been in a little funk of late, but this last weekend's really jolted me back to life. Friday, Kendrick and I headed to Santa Fe Ski Area to take a few laps on the Nambe Chutes with his dog Sarah. The bottom was melting fast and we ended up walking over a number of mud patches. By the

    • April
      • OCC Training at Big Block
        Saturday was the OCCers last training before their final testout weekend. Paul ran a good scenario in which his daughter had an open tibia fracture (complete with animal bone and tomato sauce blood) on the Big Block shelf. I came in with the support team and built an anchor with Andrea's trad r

      • Mid-April AMRC Activities
        Seems like there's been tons of mountain rescue activity lately! On Thursday, the team held a high angle rescue training to practice vectoring during edge transitions. I also worked on my system for transitioning from horizontal to vertical stokes and back: a block and tackle system tied to th

      • AMRC mission, training, and the Super Monster
        On Friday I left work early because I finally completed and submitted my big DOE proposal (102 pages, 4 partners, $5.7M, 3 years). Just as I got home, there was a page out for a mission on La Luz. I got the rig, joined Team 2, and met the police about 4 miles up the trail. The unpleasant business of

      • Rio Grand Racecourse Rafting and Closing Day at Taos
        I was out in San Francisco for the SunSpec Alliance meeting last week. I managed to get a couple hours free the morning after the conference and rented a CitiBike to cruise around the Embarcadero. Nice to be in my old haunts on a nice warm day.

        Jason was out on Friday and we

    • March
      • Taos Yurt Weekend
        11 inches of snow had fallen in the last two days, so I snuck off with Jason at 5am on Friday to rip the heavy late-season powder. It was definitely one of the best days of the year - complete with 6 ridge hikes (Fifth Chute, Tresckow, Cuervo, High Somewhere, Two Bucks, and Juarez). I discovered the

      • Spring Cycling
        I've been going to a Weds night mountain bike ride organized by an inspirational couple, Karl and Rose, who as retirees still race mountain bikes at the CAT1 level. Their house is filled with cycling trophies and they bike everywhere around town. The night rides have been by headlight until rec

      • Opus Hut!!
        Andy, Kendrick and I met up with the majority of the AMRC hut trip crew at the trailhead for the 4 mile and ~2000 ft skin to the Opus Hut. The snow was super warm so it caked onto our skins and gave my hip flexors more than their fair share of agony. We arrived exhausted but happy to be in the mount

      • Todd and Kat's Wedding
        I was asked by a my friends Todd and Kat to photograph their wedding over the weekend. I was a little worried and then the venue didn't make for easy photography - multiple light sources (natural and artificial) - but I did my best and the final product wasn't half-bad. I also tried out my

      • SF Race and Taos Pow
        Thursday, I took a mellow mountain bike ride with Kaela in the foothills. Friday was Jack's birthday in Nob Hill and I 'caked' Maria in Nob Hill Bar and Grill :)

        On Saturday I managed to redeem myself (at least partially) in the Santa Fe race with a 17/49 finish. Still no g

      • Hearti Gras and Saab Sell
        For Valentine's Day, Kaela and I went to the house party of house parties. First, the Mardi Gras crew biked through the barrio to old town plaza in full regalia tossing beads and blaring Gypsyphonic Mardi Gras Mixtape. A couple pubs later, we cruised back to the house to have gumbo and explore

    • February
      • Taos Powder
        Mike and I drove up to Taos early on Saturday in the tail end of a Southwest blizzard. We found Leigh and Justin, Mark and Sam, Angela and Nick, Briana, Steve, and lots of friends out enjoying the 9" of powder. I had just replaced my Fritschi assembly on the Katanas after the toe piece break, b

    • January
      • The 22 Hour Saturday
        Up at 4:45am, I loaded up the ski racing equipment, picked up Kaela, and headed to Angel Fire for my first race of the season. I ran a very conservative line for my first and ended up missing the 2nd run by a minute or two because Kaela and I took a long run down the ridge and they closed the course

      • AMRC Winter Training - Pagosa Spings
        Kevin and I drove up to Bill's cabin on Friday night. The winter training this year consisted of one day of ice/snow anchors and a full avalanche scenario.

        Day 1 we skinned up a forest road below the pass, and then the technicians-to-be, skied down to a ice fall. We rapped in and p

      • Ski Kayaking at Sipapu
        I went up to Sipapu (first time there!) to ski kayak with Kelley, Mike, Amanda, and my wonderful girlfriend, Kaela. Kaela was volunteering for Kayak New Mexico's Adaptive Paddling Programs so she showed us the ropes: grab a kayak, head up the magic carpet, and toboggan to the bottom. Basically

      • Ouray Ice and Silverton Snow
        For New Years, Kaela, Kelley, Cam, James, Brit, and Ryan got a place in Ouray. It was a nice enough place a mile north of town, where we could cook and party. 4 of the crew were flying in from Belize/Mexico the day before, so they were mostly cooked on travel, for Kaela, Kelley, and I did our best t

      • Christmas in WashMo, STL, and So IL
        I spent a week in the midwest with the family at Christmas time. I bought dad a road bike in ABQ for xmas, so it was a little bit of a give away when he came to pick me up, but Mom and I jokingly played it off like I had brought a bunch of dirty laundry back home to be washed. The other challenge w

  • 2014
    • December
      • Silverton with Briana
        Briana and I went up to Silverton for the first unguided weekend on our passes. There had not been much snow on the year, but the prospect of getting fresh snow was enough for us to be stoked. I stayed in the Blair Street Hostel while Briana toughed it out in her van. We started by skiing Cabin and

      • Backcountry Ski Climbing/Skiing - Stairway to Heaven
        Kaela and I join a big group of AMRC folks for a weekend of fun up in Ouray. Zak, Andy, Lance, Frank, Leigh, and Justin climbed on Saturday in a couple groups. Our group attempted Stairway to Heaven (Stairway to Eleven) in Silverton. At WI4, I wasn't super excited to lead, but sucked it up an

      • Red River Ski Race Camp
        The tradition of Jason and I heading up to Red River to train gates with the UNM ski team continues! We did the Friday and Saturday training with the GS and Slalom team - a couple of whom (Ponda and Mark) are also on my Lovelace soccer team. We had the Sandia dinner on Friday with Evan, Saturday ban

    • November
      • A-basin Thanksgiving
        Briana, Josiah, and Dave drove up to Taos in Briana's new 1996 Aerostar van. We stopped off for a day of skiing in Taos (opening day!), but only the frontside groomers were open *yawn*. We drove to Frisco that Thanksgiving night, and after a slight 1 hour detour finally arrived at Frisco. We h

      • Japan
        Spent a couple days in Koriyama and a week in Kyoto as part of the IRED conference.

        Photos are here.

      • Moab Canyons with Kaela
        Kaela and I drove up to Moab and met a large crew including Mike and Allison, Josiah and Leah, UT folks like Sarah, and camped on the Colorado River at the Porcupine Rim Trail intersection. Our first evening, we did a quick mountain bike loop out to Gemini Bridges via Bull Run/Magnificent Seven.
    • October
      • Moab - Oct 2014
        I caught a ride up to Moab on Friday with Tim and Sharon. We headed directly to the slickrock trail where I gave Tim a few pointers on the practice loop. Then I struck out into the trail proper just before sunset and had a drink at sunset. Challenging riding as always but I was feeling strong and I

      • 30th Birthday
        My parents and brother came to ABQ for my 30th birthday. We took a bike ride out to see the balloon fiesta and did some other small trips around town. I was spending a lot of time trying to figure out all the "clues" - my Mom asked a bunch of my friends to send me riddles and puzzles to u

    • September
      • Amsterdam
        I attended the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition in Amsterdam to present some of my PV research. Overall it was good to meet up with my European counterparts and discuss the latest progress. I had been to Amsterdam back in 2006, but this time I was even more taken by the

      • Lake Powell Houseboat
        A large crew headed up to Lake Powell for 3 days on a houseboat. I wasn't a big part of the planning, but the trip went off without a hitch (aside from the time that I crashed the 53' boat into the refueling dock...)

        On night one we got gear and people organized on the boat at

      • AMRC Training on the Shield
        I wanted to create a fun and difficult training for the AMRC team, so I hatched a scenario involving the biggest cliff I could find: the Shield.

        The Scenario: Two moderately experienced climbers (Justin and Jay) were planning on completing a 2-day ascent of Purple Haze. They had some diff

    • August
      • Korea - Aug 2014
        I went back to Changwon to visit KERI as part of our 3 year collaborative research project on advanced inverters for the smart grid. Dr. Ahn was gracious as always to host me, and we continued our discussions about the similarities and differences between the US and Korea, desert and forests, rich

      • Dro and Nicole Visit
        Dro and Nicole came out to visit because of a conference in town. We caught the train up to Santa Fe, did a biking tour of downtown, and Dro and I took a great Hot Air Ballooning flight! It was super peaceful and quiet (except when the burners would kick on), and we got to do a splashdown in the Ri

      • August in Missouri
        I spent the weekend back in St. Louis and Washington, MO with the family. Mom did a great job to pack the weekend with lots of adventures.

        I landed on Friday and was whisked off to a nice dinner in outside of Redbud as a fundraiser for a kids outdoor education center that my cousin attend

      • Pajarito MTB and Chama Kayak 8-2-14
        Mike and I left ABQ in nasty-ish weather in the late morning on Saturday. Originally, we had signed up for the Enduro race in pajarito, but we mainly wanted the free swag that came with the race admission. We pulled up about 1pm in Los Alamos as the racers finished the 3rd downhill segment. Instead,

    • July
      • Gear Whore Video
        I put some GoPro footage together into this little video.

      • White Mesa Super Moon Mountain Bike Ride
        As part of my 30-before-30 list, I needed to take a 20-mile mountain bike ride at night. The opportunity arose during July's supermoon where Josiah, Briana, Sam, Mike, Allison, and Marc camped out at white mesa. Josiah and I decided to take a couple laps of the standard Lizard's Back clo

      • L&B Wedding, AMRC MTBing, and Climbing the Thumb
        July 3rd spelled the end of the US run in the World Cup. I watched the game at work with a few colleagues in the lab. Timmy Howard held things together against the Belgians until the extra time and then it was downhill. 2-0 quickly. A clever Bradley pass to Green put things back to 2-1, but Dempsey

    • June
      • Ironhorse in Durango and Rafting the Taos Box
        Jeff and I took the 'dubstepper' up to Durango for the Ironhorse weekend. We stayed with Mike and Allison in Mike's parents' condo. We knew ahead of time that the race officials had shortened the race to Purgatory (snowstorm buried the pass), so everyone was a little somber; I

      • Los Alamos MTB, AMRC OCC Final, and SF Century
        I rendezvoused with Jeff, Kaela, Mario, and Maria at the cliffs on the opposite side of San Antonio hot springs for a car camping evening. I got there first and rounded up a bunch of firewood for the evening which we definitely needed - because the music came on and it was a good old fashioned NM c

    • May
      • Mt Rainier 2014
        Mike and I attempted to climb Mt. Rainier for the 2nd time in early May. Like the last time, we had a major snowstorm load the upper slopes just before arriving, which led to avalanches (or at least avalanche concerns).

        After a 4 hour delay, we got into Seattle on Thursday night (Fri morn

      • Korean Visit and AMRC Training
        I hosted my Korean colleagues from KERI for a few days. We took the tram up to High Finance and got Korean BBQ in Nob Hill. Overall, it was a very pleasant visit.

        That weekend, I helped out with the AMRC OCC activities. I ran a horizontal lower and raise, and played patient

    • April
      • Taos Closing Weekend
        Jeff, Angelina, and I drove up to Taos on Friday, crashed with Jen and Kirk at the Alpine Suites above Tim's. Jason joined us in the morning for a breakfast burrito and then we mocked one of the backside and started the hiking. Angelina had a stress fracture in her foot, so--after skiing a co

    • March
      • Bull of the Woods Yurt - Mar 28-30, 2014
        It's somewhat of a tradition at this point. Towards the end of the ski season Briana and Josiah get the Bull of the Woods yurt and we get some people to go live in the woods for a couple nights. This time we had B&J, Jeff, Mike, Daave, Chris, and Harmony. This year, I lead a backcountry

      • Taos Weekend with Jason
        Got Jason at the airport on Thursday and immediately biked over to the Carménère wine tasting party at Julio and Evan's. We blasted up to Taos in the morning and skied the standard 9:00-5:00 with a breakfast burrito on the first chair and a beer on the last chair. Did a couple Kachinas and

      • Trifecta
        Jeff hatched a brilliant plan to ski, bike, and golf in a single day. Apparently one of his friends started this thing in CA, and he's importing it to NM. We got lucky and 3" fresh inches of snow appeared before the big Saturday so the skin/ski up Sandia was great. Mason and Mike joined

      • Southern India for a Week
        I went to India for a week for a smart grid workshop and conference. Additional photos from the trip are here.

        I arrived in Bangalore after 24 hours of travel and easily caught a cab to the hotel. It was 5am so there was not heckling or issues with crowds at the airport. I was expect

    • February
      • Ski racing weekend 2-23-14
        Saturday, I pulled out the race tigers for the 2nd day, but this time around I was railing turns on them much better. Less like riding a bull and more like riding a wild horse. I wasn't seeded so I got to ride down on a sheet of ice - skittering a good chunk of the way. However, I held it to

      • Ice climbing and BC skiing in Ouray/Silverton
        I have been enjoying the warmer weather on my bike rides to/from work. I caught this great sunset this last week.

        Thursday, I had a few friends over for a ski tuning party, but my 1-car garage was a little cramped.

        Friday, I headed up to Ouray with Leigh and Justin

      • San Diego Sail and Taos Ski
        Weds, I headed out to San Diego for SunSpec meetings but was able to talk Jason into a quick sail before the meet-n-greet. We headed out to see for a little ways and cleared Pt. Loma. We could easily see Mexico and thought about making a run for it, but turned around after 1.5 hours. Wind was goo

      • Playing on the Shield
        Tyler is leaving ABQ in a week, so I've been trying hang out with him before he takes a roundabout journey to Norway. Friday, I went with him to the Air Force/AFRL annual party at Sandia Casino. Ok food but a good talk from General Chilton who talked about his astronaut career.


    • January
      • Sailing St. Vincent and the Grenadines
        Photos of the trip are here. The video is here.

        Photos of the trip are here. The video is here.

        Saturday - I GS raced in Red River, drove back to ABQ, packed up the last equipment, and jumped on the 11:59pm flight to JFK. I had a couple hour layover in Brid

      • Red River GS Ski Race 2014
        My first day on the World Cup Racetigers were a little rough. They are a super stiff ski and it took me a long time to learn how to carve with them. Unfortunately, I really got the hang of things after the race.

      • New years and birthdays in Taos
        New Year's Eve I drove up to Taos to ski the torchlight parade with Jason, Jeff, and Victor. I finally had a completely clean run down the dark showdown bumps too! But after the ski shop party we turned in early at 10pm.

        New years day we skied a full 9:00-5:

  • 2013
    • December
      • Christmas in Washington, MO
        I spent a week in WashMO with the family for Christmas. We had festivities planned for every day: white elephant gift exchanges, pictionary, other board games, movies, volleyball, walks, and lots of food. Some of the highlights were:

        Misty dressed up.

        Bartering during

      • Snowy Night Mountain Rescue Mission on the Thumb
        The page out happened at 6:00pm (early!) and by 6:40, Tyler, Mike, and I were cruising up to the crest parking area. It took a while for everyone else to get up there, but eventually 15 members and our mastermind (Justin) huddled up. We hatched a plan to string fixed lines up the Northwest Ridge o

      • Taos BC Ski Trip
        Mike and I used my grandparent's timeshare points to get a place in Taos for the weekend. Saturday morning we met up with Tyler and Andreas for a backcountry tour up toward Wheeler. We made it up to Williams Lake easy enough, but up higher the snow had mostly blown away from the strong winds

      • Red River Race Camp and Taos Powder Day
        Jason, Jeff, and I went up to Red River for the Corporate Cup race camp. It wasn't as busy as last year, which meant we got a little more attention from the UNM ski team members. I trained with Joonas Rasanen, the 2013 NCAA Men's Slalom National Champion. The camp really is a great way

      • Thanksgiving in Alto Pass
        I spent a week back at my parents' place for Thanksgiving. Everyone from my father's side was there except for Anne Elise who was still in Chile with her study abroad program. I took a 30 degree bike ride with my mom and the family hiked to bald knob cross. It was me and my Dad's 2

    • November
      • Cabezon and San Ysidro Slot Canyon
        For some bizarre reason, ten people decided to take a very cold, snowy, windy, climb of Cabezon on Saturday. Jeff brought together a strong crew but we didn't realize how difficult the conditions were before showing up. There was rime ice on everything and the holds weren't very good. I

      • AMRC Annual Party
        The team had a fun climbing/training day at Major Wall in the Socorro Box Saturday. I climbed an easier 5.7 next to She Can Bolt. I went over with Andy to setup some fixed lines to practice line transfers and taught a few new prospective members about the basics of anchor building. Andy volunteer

      • Ice Luge Construction
        Our 'make it snow party' included a special treat this year: an ice luge. It was a bit of work to make it happen, but in the end it was a roaring success. I bought a 300 lb block of ice from Reddy Ice and then put it on a sloped cornhole board on a table outside. For the carving we trie

      • Halloween and Tridents
        Saturday, Mike and I tried to ride Kind of the Mountain, but the mud was insane. We bailed after 1/3 of the ride because the mud was so terrible.

        Last Thursday I made a quick trip out to San Diego to the EESAT review where I presented some microgrid research. Then on this

    • October
      • October Goings-on - Balloons and Birthdays
        October is a good time in Albuquerque because the weather is good and it's a good rest break between climbing/bikig season and skiing season. On Oct 4th, I biked out the the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta with some nob hill friends, including Kelley, Mike, Mike, Allison, Ben, Luke, L

      • Moab - Oct 2013
        Mike, Tom, and I drove up to Moab to meet Leigh, Justin, Mark, Sam, John, and Sam's sister Leana (Lele) for some canyoneering last weekend. We arrived Friday evening and met up with the crew. In the spirit of our friend Lance, Mike, Tom, and I wore wigs for the first canyon: Big Horn in Arche

      • Birthday and 'The List'
        I celebrated by birthday by biking up to the Four Hills rocks with Josiah and Leigh for the sunset and then heading down to Tractor for a couple beers. I also released a list of things that I would like to accomplish before I turn 30. It's ambitious - perhaps impossible - but why not set sigh

    • September
      • Mountains to the Desert Century: Telluride to Gateway
        Allison found Mike, Tom, Jeff, Boulder Mike, Kelley, Luke, and myself a killer pad in Mountain Village for the weekend. Jeff, Allison, Luke and I drove up on Friday night and kicked the party off with some grilling, loud music, and hot tub time.

        The following morning we were up early f

      • Rainy Weekend in Albuquerque - AMRC RL Training
        Friday night Mike and I got together to talk about the AMRC training we were running Saturday morning. Allison was also in town because, after her cycling accident, she wanted to stay with Mike so there would be someone for concussion watch and because it's good to have people look after you a

      • Arcs, Sparks, and Alcohol: Chicago Trip
        I headed to Chicago for the UL standards development meeting on PV arc-faults this week. But before that excitement, I spent the weekend with my brother in Chicagoland:

        Friday night we went out for a beer at Chicago’s American Outlaws bar to watch the US get killed 3-1 to the Ticos. N

      • Korea!
        One benefit of running international renewable energy programs is you get to travel internationally. I was invited to give at talk at the 2013 Energy Tech Insight meeting in Seoul, Korea by the Korean Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP) group to highlight my collaborative research pro

    • August
      • Sandia Super Weekend - Aug 2013
        I got up at 7:30am Saturday morning to do the round the mountain ride. The few few miles weren't too bad but there was a head wind heading up to Bernallilo. Then the climbing started. I was going fine until the gravel road, where I ran out of water and catastrophically bonked. I was only on

      • Knife Edge of the Shield
        Josiah and I have been talking about doing this climb for a while, so it was good to finally knock it out. We climbed the Knife Edge of the Shield, a low 5th class climb, with a few trad pitches for those choosing to make it safe.

        Briana, Josiah, and I left early on a partly cloudy Satu

      • San Diego Weekend
        In an effort to try and cheer up Jason after his motorcycle accident, I flew out to San Diego for the weekend. He was tore up pretty bad after hitting the firetruck that crossed the middle line on a blind turn. Fortunately, he had recently gotten out of the wheelchair; but 14 broken bones, severe

    • July
      • Bush Shark Spire and Guideline Training
        Mike and I headed out to do some climbing Saturday. The weather held and we knocked off Bush Shark Spire, which it probably a little harder than I want to be climbing right now. I had a foot come off a smear about 25' up and took a gentle fall on a #1 camalot. It held fine and I think it sho

      • Climbing by Telluride 19-21 July, 2013
        For Kevin's 31st birthday, Bill, Kevin, and I headed to Telluride to find some mountains. We climbed in Cracked Canyon on Friday. Kevin led Chewbacca, and we top roped Crack of Mind, and I led Pirouette before we were scared off by the lightning. We found an amazing camp spot toward Hope Lak

      • Weekend in Town
        Friday I met up with Jeff and a couple folks from my intermural summer soccer team (Ron, Enrique, and Katy Jo) to watch the Border Classico soccer game between, the Colorado Rapids and Santos Laguna in the UNM football stadium. The game was good but ended with the Mexican's up 2-1.

      • 4th of July and Lizard Head
        For the 4th of July, I had a few people over (Rusty, Mike, Tom, John, Jack, Jeanne & friends) to BBQ and, after carbo-loading, we jumped on bikes and headed to Balloon Fiesta Park for a Fireworks. Rusty was cruising strong on his cyclocross bike (occationally in the arroyo), so I hoped on the b

      • Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre, Red River, and South Boundary Trail
        Mike and I went north of Questa to find the Questa Dome area. We eventually found ourselves on a rough 4WD road--enough so that we decided to hike the rest of the distance to the trailhead. Just as we were thinking we had been going for a lot longer than 0.2 mi that the directions called for we he

    • June
      • TTT at Chris and Harmony's Place
        About 24 hours back in the country, I did the 25-mile round trip bike ride to Chris and Harmony's place on the westside for the monthly wine tasting. They have a stunning place with a pool and a great view of the Sandias. The Spanish reds went very well with the aged cheeses that I brought fr

      • Grenoble, Chamonix, Paris!
        I attended IEEE PES Powertech and my first SIRFN meeting in Grenoble last week. I visited Grenoble a couple years before in conjunction with the EU PVSEC conference, so it was good to see the city again. My old roommate from GT, Sebastien, still lives in the area so we spent a couple evenings enjo

      • El Rito 6-9-13
        I blazed up to El Rito for a little fun with Josiah, Briana, Marc, and gang on Saturday night. Despite a respectful party night, we were up climbing in the morning. And thanks to a big group ahead of us, we could top rope all day. I struggled up a 5.7 before slowly working up (with many breaks) B

      • Saturday Sufferfest! Biking to the Crest
        I’ve wanted to do this ride for years but didn’t have the time, strength, or cojones. It was every bit as miserable as I expected: 66 miles and 6500 feet of climbing! My garage to Sandia Crest and back again.

        Kelley and Eric started out on the ride but they turned around in Tijeras.

    • May
      • Mom and Dad in NM
        My parents visited NM for a week to help around the house and do a little exporing. During the week they walked around Nob Hill and the University, biked out to the Petroglyphs, rode the train to Santa Fe (while I was at the AMRC training), watched Mud with me, and then road tripped up to the Pecos

      • Santa Fe Half Century
        Following a hard few days last week where Jeff broke his fibula playing soccer on Thursday and Jason crashed his motorcycling into a firetruck to avoid a large rock on a mountain road (hand, tib/fib, femur fractures), it was good to have some time to relax. I hosted the monthly wine gathering and s

      • Cave Route on the Pulpit
        Mike and I hiked up the LONG approach to The Cave Route on the old La Luz Trail to knock off our first trad climb of the year. We finished the 2 hour hike + small bushwhack at 11:30am and the clouds were already rolling in. I managed to forget my sunglasses and rain jacket back at home, so I was b

      • Epic'ing on the Chama + Lake Fork & Kachina BC Ski
        I landed in ABQ at 6:30 on Weds and drove straight to the AMRC meeting. I had missed the last couple, so it was good to make an appearance. It's was good to see everyone. Afterward, I swung by the grocery store and then set to work on packing up for the Chama float. In 2 hours I had things

      • Bay Area Visit 4-28-13
        I headed out a couple days early for the SNL O&M and Inverter Reliability Workshops to catch up with friends. Dro picked me up at SJC and just about the first words out of his mouth were, "There's a small craft warning on the bay, we're going sailing!"

        Nicole, Dro

    • April
      • Sydney
        I flew to Sydney for a week of business travel to work on codes and standards with Technical Committee 82 of the International Electrotechnical Commission.

        The photos show stunning Sydney.

        I arrived very jetlagged on Saturday and checked into the Marriott a couple blocks fr

      • Closing weekend in Taos
        Jason and I headed up to Taos for the end of the ski season. We participated in a self-made game of GNAR with Chris and, to a lesser extent, Tyler and Mike. Fri and Sat started out with 1.5 hours of GS turns on icy velvet. Then we turned our attention to the ridge. Hiked 3 Kachinas on Sat and 1

    • March
      • RIP Carlos
        The Vail ski trip included the sad news that on Friday my friend Carlos died in a climbing accident in the Sandias. The team was sent out to recover one of their own - surely a heavy task for everyone involved. I will remember Carlos as a true free-spirit and joyous person. He always had a beaming

      • Vail Spring Break
        Although most of the group has graduated with PhDs or MSs, there's still a gathering of aerospace CU folks for the annual skiing and partying shenanigans. This year included a game of GNAR that was great, except that I got there a day late and about 40 GNAR points behind. I launched a comebac

      • British Virgin Islands
        Dro, Nicole, Owen, Cora, Joe, and Naomi sailed the British Virgin Islands with me on a 39' foot. Photos, video, and shortened video.

        Day 0: I SCUBA dove Kelly's Cove on Norman Island and Angelfish Reef.

        Day 1: Checked out & provisioned the boat. Sailed to Little

      • Taos Powder Weekend
        Amazing weekend in Taos with great powder on Kachina Peak and on the steeps. This movie tells the story well. Did the torchlight for Ernie Blake's weekend with Jason and Jeff.


      • Taos Ridge and GS Race
        Jeff, Timothy, and I drove up to Taos on Friday to get a day of skiing in before the GS race. I forced them to hike a Kachina with me. Jeff and I managed OK, but Timothy had some trouble with it. Gorgeous day up there though! Well worth the time!

        Coming I

    • February
      • SF GS Race and Taos Sunday
        I had a rough day in Santa Fe Saturday. Warming up for the GS race I crashed coming over a cat-track roller at about 35 in a turn. Blew off my ski and slid downhill on my back for 80-100 ft. Then I went over to the race course... and things didn't improve much. Poor performance and my 2nd r

      • Mt. Taylor Quadrathlon
        Even though I wasn't able to do the Quad solo this year, I managed to find a Team with Kelley, Jeff, and Chris. I did the snowshoe portion which meant waking up at 5:15, catching a bus to the run/ski transition and waiting around for 6 hours. Jeff and I hung out for a bit before I made the sk

      • Braun Hut Trip
        I left ABQ on Thursday morning at 5am with Lance, Rusty, and Angela for a 5-day, 4-night hut-to-hut backcountry ski trip. Feeling honored to join a group of extremely strong, fun people for the weekend, our team consisted of the following:

        Justin - Mountain Guide, AMRC rescue leader, sum

      • Quad Training and Taos Skiing
        Jason and I did a 3/4ish dress rehearsal for the quad. I have some sort of aggravated tendon in my right calf so I minimized the running. 1 mi run down, 1 mi run up, ski up, shoe up, shoe down, ski down, drive down, bike down with the hill climb, and bike back to the car. 3:30 effort and hard day

    • January
      • Angel Fire Race, Red River Yurts, and Taos Powder
        After a trip to U Pull and Pay (awesome) on Friday for car parts, Jeff and I cruised up to the yurts at Red River for a party with Mike, Louie, Kelley, Bruce, and 6 others. Jeff and I left early Saturday morning to make the Angel Fire race. Jeff ripped it up and I made it down the mountain. Jeff

      • AMRC Mission and Taos
        Around 10pm on Friday night as I was about to go to bed AMRC was called out to a 16 year-old girl who ‘fell’ off the top of the Sandia crest, rolled about 150 down a steep icy slope, free fell 80 feet, hit the ground and slid for another 50 feet, and then fell another 20 feet into some trees. J

      • Weekend Ice Warrior
        Feeling sick, I bailed on the trip to Ouray with Lisa, Jeanne, and others. Instead Mike and I headed up to San Antonio Hot Springs. Mike convinced me to get up early and climb Jemez Falls with him before meeting the others at the TH at 10am.

        It was -16 F on the drive throu

      • Winter Break Part 2
        After the Christmas presents were unwrapped, I joined up with many folks from the mountain rescue team (Leigh, Justin, Lance, Mike, Rusty, Thondup, Andy, Bill x2, Ben, Tobi) and ice climbed for 3 days in celebration of Andy's 40th birthday. We climbed Alcove Friday, South New Funtier Saturday,

      • Christmas in IL
        I flew home to Southern Illinois for Christmas. On the way down with my Uncle Jim to my parent's place, we stopped off at a sandbar on the Mississippi River. The river was at historically low levels. Like a once-in-500-year drought levels.

        My dad and I went for a run up to t

  • 2012
    • December
      • Red River Race Camp + Taos + AMRC Search & Training
        USSC Ski Race Camp at Red River was great. Got to run a bunch of gates and got one-on-one advice on improving my technique from some of the best skiers in the NCAA. I made "leaps and bounds" with my skiing and I'm stoked for the GS race season! Some work friends got together on Fri

    • November
      • Thanksgiving in Washington, MO
        Went closer-to-home for the holiday. Had a great time with the grandparents, parents, cousins, aunt, and brother. Lots of good food and relaxation. My grandmother has been having hip problems and spent about half the visit in bed. The only real excitement was a 5 mile jog along the Missouri Rive

      • Being Shane
        Friday - Led the two pitches on Gemstone (5.8) with Supra. Glad to have finally climbed with him! First move on the 2nd pitch took me a few tries but I eventually got it. Went to Kelly's for Jen's going away party. Good crowd and we all wished her luck in Christchurch.


      • Waiting for snow
        This week I've been getting everything ready for the winter: fixing the cars, bike, house, doing laundry, cleaning, etc. Got the SAAB fuel leak patched and snow tires on, fixed the van's coolant leak and cleared the codes & check engine lightby disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes

    • October
      • Oct 27-28 Weekend
        Friday - Todd and I biked over to Jen's pumpkin carving party. Good time with some AMRC folks, hashers, and other friends.

        Saturday - Long day in the WFR class learning ortho, airway managements, and splinting. Later, I went to Timothy's wedding with Laura, who was down from

      • Tres Piedras Climbing + Lake Fork Peak
        Kevin and I went up to Tres Piedras before the cool weather moved in too much. We were joined by Tim and his young sons, who unfortunately kept him from climbing.

        Friday climbs:
        1. Dirty Diagonal (5.7) - My lead.
        2. Fried Chickens (5.8) - Kevin's lead.
        3. Chicken Hea

      • Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2012
        Cool time lapse here.

        Biked out with Dan, a friend of Pearl's, to the Balloon Fiesta at 6am. Little chilly but we managed fine and didn't too much trouble with the crowds. I set up the time lapse above before heading back to the house. 22 miles round trip. Free fitness!
      • Alabaster Cave
        Ben, Jen, Ella, Mike and I explored Alabaster Cave Saturday. It was a great quick trip with some very tight squeezes. I recreated The Descent for everyone.

      • Daimon's Wedding
        Landed at 9:15 in Minneapolis and jumped in the car with Josh to go meetup with the gang and ProKart! Had a few drinks in O'Hare so jumping in a race kart was perfect. Of the 8 of us, I never won any of the 4 races. I did place 2nd in the 1st race and in the final race took 3rd (5.09 secs ba

      • El Rito 9-28-12
        Saturday I headed up to El Rito with Leigh, Justin, Arthur, Tobi, Jen, Ben, Tim, and Curran for some climbing and camping. Somehow I couldn't figure out how to get up Crest Chewel (5.9+) and had to rest for a bit at the top. Then I climbed Slacker Ken (5.9) on top rope. On the rap down I did

    • September
      • Week in ABQ
        Sunday - Soccer game against a bunch of young Mexicans. Luckily we squeaked out a 4-4 tie after going down 4-2 early in the 2nd half. Roasted green chiles!

        Monday - Headed up to the LANL/NEDO Smart Home demo in Los Alamos. Sushi, Saki, and head honchos (New Mexico Governor Susana Marti

      • La Selva Climb on Muralla Grande
        Welcome to the jungle!

        Kevin and I headed out for a climb Saturday but we couldn't find the right start. We did a couple of off-route pitches above our skill level (I've fallen on rock pro now! The #2 camalot held nicely!). We did eventually find La Selva at about 2pm. We kn

      • Solar Power International 2012
        Headed off to SPI in Orlando this week. Had a great time seeing the Blue Man Group at Universal Studios and then partying at the Ice Bar (a 20 degree room constructed of ice inside a club in Florida during the summer). Doesn't really ring with the environmentalist in me, but trade shows are d

      • Mountain Biking in Breckenridge
        Jason and I caught zozobra on our way up to Breckenridge. We found a spot up on the mesa to avoid the crowds and make a quick escape north. It was a late burning, but still an exciting experience. I've posted a number of pictures here.

        Up in Breck, after a long car ride, we rode

      • NH and VT trip
        Two close friends, Pearl and Paul, from my NREL days got married around the Burlington area over Labor Day weekend. I headed up there early to do a little exploring.

        Flew into Manchester, NH, rented a car, and cruised up to the White Mountains and crashed at Sugarloaf Camp (an ok spot of

    • August
      • OCC Final
        The Operational Core Curriculum class final was this weekend for AMRC. Last year, I was the new guy, hardly knew what a cam was, and certainly wasn't comfortable running missions.

        This year I was the rescue leader for the first scenario along with Tim. We dispatched the team at 7

      • San Juan Float
        Floated with San Juan River from Bluff to Mexican Hat, UT over the course of 3 days with Lisa, Jen, Jeanne, and 6 new friends.

        I borrowed Jason's IK and cruised down the class 1-2 river with a full cooler. According to my GPS data, Day 1 was 8.4 mi, Day 2 was 14.7 mi, and Day 3 was

      • Jason's Weekend Boot Camp in San Diego
        I landed in San Diego on Thursday night with a small pack of bike and swimming gear. I was prepared (as best as I could be) for Jason's "recovery" weekend.

        First order of business: chill out on Shelter Island drinking a beer and eating sushi by the yacht club. We moved

      • AMRC Search
        Mission on Weds night for a missing hiker from Maryland. He headed out on N. Crest Trail at 10am, and somehow got lost in the Osha area before heading off the trail and downhill. I took a couple new members of the team (Doug and Mason) out on N. Crest, yelling every 0.1 mi for Kevin. The helicopt

      • Chill Weekend 8-5-12
        After canceling the Chicago Basin trip, I had a whole weekend to relax and repair my IT bands.

        Friday - Meet up with boys for a night of partying downtown.
        Saturday - Helped Jeanne move, pizza and beer, and then watched the Dark Knight Rises.
        Sunday - Created a cool photo mont

      • Cochiti Lake Tri
        I went into the Tri knowing that I wouldn't be able to run with my IT band issues. This said, I wasn't prepared for the results I saw on Monday. I was leading the age group by 10 minutes after the bike!!! What a freaking rip off. This was probably my one chance to win my age group and

    • July
      • The Ramp with 5.8 variation
        I climbed The Ramp with Mike on Saturday. We ripped it up to the crest in the SAAB 99 (Sorry Mike), and then headed down Echo Canyon. Mike and I did the 4 pitch climb in 2 pitches (rope drag X a million), but I was proud to have managed the face climb and even did the 5.8 variation up to the set o

      • AMRC Mission with Helo Evac
        AMRC was paged out as soon as I got back home after climbing with Mike. I had just unloaded my climbing gear when I got the page, so I repacked everything and headed to the mountains at the top of Montgomery.

        Briefing: APD and Albuquerque Ambulance folks were on scene taking care of an

      • The Prow (5.8R) on Kit Carson
        Kevin and I took a 3 day weekend to play around in the Sangres in celebration of Kevin's 30th birthday. We got a cookie in Crestone, CO before hiking up from the Buddhist Zen Center thruogh Spanish Creek. The blowdown (317 tree crossings supposedly) plus strong rain/sleet did not make the hik

      • BBQ Saturday Night
        AMRC folks joined me on Saturday to BBQ the new batch of grass-fed beef. It was nice to welcome Leigh and Justin back from Denali safe and sound. Very relaxed evening.

      • Training (T-minus 2 weeks to Cochiti Lake)
        Monday: 5+5 bike. 7.4 mi run in the rain and lightning. Good pace though: 8.5 min/mile.
        Tues: 5+5 bike.
        Weds: 5+18 bike.
        Thurs: 5+10 bike.
        Fri: 2000 yd swim.
        Sat: 48 mi bike. Brutal reaper at good pace. Switched to S 14 and managed OK for a while, but then lost the edge a

      • Weekend Training
        Got a sluggish and painful 5.3 mile run in after work on Friday. Ted was sold out, so Ben, Tobi and I hit up a kickball party and then Anodyne.

        Saturday morning, I managed to get motivated and bike around the city (40.2 mi). Munched on some fruit and then ran the Ridgecrest lap (3 mi)

      • AMRC Mission in Navajo, NM
        2:40am the phone rings. New text: MISSION 1 or 2 hikers stranded 120' up on a rock in Navajo, NM.

        I talked with police and got the status update and GPS coordinates from the field coordinator. 3 hours later, Lance, Paul, Zack and I are standing in front of an impressive block of vo

      • 4th of July near Cedro Peak
        Ben and Tobi joined me for a mountain bike ride in the Cedro Peak area. I originally expected to do some combination of Coyote Trail and Chimisoso, but after being lost for the better part of the trip, ended up on the rough Powerline trail. I managed to hit a tree with some help from the babyheads

      • Cochiti Lake Tri Training
        Signed up for the olympic distance cochiti lake tri. 28 days to train. Time to get busy!

        Monday - 5+5 mile bike. 3.3 mi run.
        Tuesday - 5+11 mi bike. 1.1 mi swim.
        100 free
        100 breast
        400 free
        800 free
        300 free
        200 free
        100 breast

    • June
      • Sandia Peak Climb
        ~1:30 on the climb and about 40 min on the decent. New record speed on a bicycle for me: 45.3 MPH. Pretty fast, but I'm sure I could find a steeper hill around here somewhere.


      • Iceland June 10-21
        My parents and I rented a car and circled Iceland over the course of 10 days. My mom's version of the trip.


        Photos from the trip are located here.

        Some neat spots:




      • Chama Float with Jason
        Floated the Chama for the first time this last weekend. We used inflatable kayaks (IKs) and took the Saab 99 up to the put in. After the bridge the water was excellent. 2+/3- waves to play around in. Only sad part was that I lost my coozie.



      • Mt. Rainier - Liberty Ridge Attempt - May 2012

        Left ABQ at 8pm on Wednesday and landed at 10pm in the Seattle airport. By the time everyone rounded up gear and loaded into the rental van it was easily 11:30. Lance drove us to the closed road at White River so we shuttled gear up to the TH before dropping the van off. Lanc

    • May
      • Playing Tourist in Santa Fe with the Family
        Caught the rail runner up to Santa Fe on Saturday. Everyone was very into the shopping. I managed to run off with an old friend, Lesley, for a few hours while the rest of the gang hit the museums.

      • Solar Eclipse on Sandia Peak
        Hiked La Luz with cousins, Anne Elise and Tim, and Aunt Holly to watch the eclipse from the top of the mountain.

        Picasa Album

      • El Rito Climbs
        Met up with 10 camper/climbers on a Saturday for some climbing at El Rito.


        Car party!

        The rough road lead to a minor incident with the van...

      • AMRC Pickoff Training
        Great training with some of the AMRC regulars at big block. We did a few different pickoff techniques: counterbalance, block and tackle, and confusing variations of the two - leading to lots of time in painful harnesses. Check out the photos for the mass confusion.


      • Jay Benson Tri Results

        Ok run - started strong but then fell into a slower rhythm at about mile 2. Bike felt fast with all the people that I was passing, but I now know that I lost the race here. Just couldn't push harder for some reason and had slight knee pain. The swim wasn't too quick, but I w

      • High Winds
        It's so hard getting to work with a sustained 25 mph wind in your face! Especially on a Monday!

        Coming back I nearly couldn't hold a turn into the wind... but I did get home in record time. I hope these are the conditions for the tri. I'd be the only one still on the bik

      • Warrior Dash 2012
        I took and unimpressive 255th out of 8396 racers at the New Mexico Warrior Dash. But I got really muddy!


      • Pics of Revenge of the Elderly from Mike

      • Friday Training
        Biked hard to south gate on the way home in my new tri outfit. Then swam a few laps:

        400 free
        100 back
        100 breast
        400 free
        100 free sprint
        450 free

      • Last Day at Taos
        Geez I look look like a total creeper.

    • April
      • Weekend Workout
        Friday - Craig and I rode up to Tijeras at lunch (21 miles) and then I met up with Ben and Leigh for a run with the new run FARR (Friday Afternoon Rescue Runners) group. Ended up doing 7.6 miles in 83 min.

        Saturday - Up early and getting some vertical with my Baruntse mountaineering boot

      • Training
        Weds: Biked hard to/from work on the aerobars, and then hit the pool.

        100 Free
        100 Breast
        450 Free (410 meters ~= tri distance)
        450 Free
        100 Back
        100 Breast
        50 Free

      • BBQ and cornhole on Saturday
        Relaxing Saturday

        Chilling by the pond


        And BBQ

      • Revenge of the Elderly (5.7)
        After the success on Flake 'n Bake, I had Mike come out to continue my trad climbing lessons. We climbed Revenge of the Elderly and ran into a couple work friends on the route next to us! Slab sport on the 1st pitch, which made me a little nervous. Then a little crack work to a cave/bridge o

      • Week synopsys
        Sunday: Soccer game with lovelace. Had a couple shots not on goal and it ended up being a 1-1 tie even though we were clearly the stronger team.

        Monday: Sore from soccer, but broke out the Roubaix for the commute to work and added the 5 mile loop out to South Gate on my return ride. The

      • Flake n' Bake
        Led a couple laps up flake n' bake (5.5) in Lower La Cueva Canyon to break in my trad rack. I appreciate Mike and Tom's help in providing some pointers for a beginner. It took a while, but no dramas aside from organizing the double ropes while tandem belaying two partners and needing to

      • Tri Swim Training #1
        I bought a month-long membership at Highland Pool to build up for the Jay Benson Tri.

        Training Day 1:
        100 Free warmup
        100 Breast
        100 Back
        50 Fly
        50 Fly
        100 Free
        200 Free
        100 Free kick
        100 Back kick
        400 Free
        100 Breast
        100 Free

      • Ice Pics

      • Free Fitness
        2.5 mi run + BBQ and slacklining with Josiah, Briana, Frank, Mary and company + 2.5 mi run back home.


      • Taos Yurt Weekend!
        Went up to Taos Friday night with Briana and Kaycie. Took about an hour to get through Espanola so we hiked up to the Yurt in the dark. We all switched into and out of our ski gear about a dozen times before the snow finally stuck around for the final mile. Even then Kaycie had a rough time of it

      • Vail and Beaver Creek Spring Break Trip with CU Folks
        4 ski days, 1 house, 15 college aged people = one serious party!

        Trouble with Vail is that you have to catch a bus to get to the lifts if you don't want to pay.

        But then when you get there, the back bowls rock.


        Or, rather, they should hav

      • Run with Jason to the Rocks
        Super short run up by 4 hills. Need to start getting back into it: Jay Benson Triathlon is Sun, May 13th!

    • March
      • Warm Ouray Ice Climbing
        A very warm ice climbing trip with Leigh, Mike and Tom. Had a great time trying out the new gear: cobras worked great on the ice - not so well on the rock. (Thin cover in the New Funtier at this time of year.) The baruntses rubbed a bit, but I need to work them in before Rainier anyway. Lead a s

      • New Mix Up!
        Created a new, loud 1 hour power mix with trance, house, electro, and dubstep. If you know where to find it, crank it up!

      • Ultimate Ski and Snowboarding Challenge Banquet!
        Four races: 4th, 3rd, 3rd, 2nd and somehow I ended up winning the Advanced Division and collecting the winning team trophy for the SNL Snow Temple Pilots! Take that snowboarders!

        Corporate Cup Unlimited Trophy Winners (and bystanders (me))

      • Kwanis Cabin Night Ski


        Mike, Tom and I headed out on Friday night at 8pm in the dark for a lap up on Sandia Ski Area. The night was still and warm (35 F), but the daytime temperatures left snow conditions terrible - 75 deg days = ice. We still made it up in about 40 minutes and then traversed to

      • Daylight Saving Time is Great!
        Got home with plenty of time to hang out in the sun and work on the hammock and garden. Summer's coming!

      • AMRC Recertification
        Every 5 years members of the Mountain Rescue Association must accredit with the MRA in 5 areas: search, high angle technical rescue, low angle technical rescue, avalanche, and winter technical. We just completed ours this weekend!! Stressful but rewarding!

        Ready for technical rescues!
      • Lovelace Game 1
        Game 1 for the 2012 spring season: 1-1 tie. Sore hip flexor and back of my right knee - but no serious injuries! First game back since the knee injury.

      • Cow Man!
        Half cow, half lobster, half man! The cowman has arrived!!!

        Trying to jump into the top spot, I borrowed Martin's ski suit to gain the 2-5% on aero. Didn't end up working, but I did look like an idiot!

      • Relaxing Morning
        Had a wonderfully relaxed morning. Made up a great omelet and sipped mint tea in the sun.

      • NREL PV MRW
        Caught up with Charles, Howard, Rob, Jennifer, Chris, etc. at NREL this week. NREL's really changed a lot since I was last there. There are construction projects everywhere!

        The nice benefit of business travel is excellent food!

        Flight back to ABQ was cool

    • February
      • Boulder Visit
        Left early for the NREL PV Module Reliability Workshop to catch up with folks in Boulder. Sunday I had lunch with Paul at Southern Sun (for Stout Month) and crushed Paul 21-18 at cornhole. I borrowed an old steel bike to cruise downtown and grab a beer with Waggy and Casey at the Twisted Pine. T

      • SF Race Results

        SF Ski Track

      • Shane McConkey
        In Deep's MSP tribute.

        Music: Pennywise - Bro Hymn

      • 29th Mt. Taylor Quadrathlon
        4:57!!! Great weather and a great race. Took 2nd in my age group and 23rd overall.

        Race Results

        Bike up: 64:07
        Run up: 56:16
        Ski up: 39:16
        Shoe up: 25:42
        TOTAL UP: 3:05:20

        Shoe down: 10:36
        Ski down: 21:44
        Run down: 45:01
        Bike down

      • Final Grants Training
        Practiced the bike/run transition at the La Luz TH. Hip flexor is definitely sore again. This is going to be a painful race.


        Clouds on Upper La Cueva Canyon.

      • Breakfast with CSer Nathalie
        Loving this easy weekend. Sleeping in and blueberry muffin breakfast!

      • CSers
        Dinner with Sarah and Eddy.

      • Ski Tuner!
        Built a ski tuning setup!

      • Grant's training


        All the individual components have been completed. Here's an estimate of my race time based on training data.

        Bike up: 68 min
        Run up: 63 min
        Ski up: 45 min
        Snowshoe up: 32 min
        Snowshoe down: 14 min
        Ski down: 23 min

      • AMRC Mock Winter Low Angle and Avy Re-cert
        Avy re-cert at the gravel pit couloir with low angle rescue. I was on strike team and botched clearing the field for the beacon search by chasing a rope to a "dead" body.

        At least I got a free tree ski out of the day!

      • Mandy's Bday Dinner

      • Bet you can't do this

    • January
      • 20 hr Sunday
        After Todd's raucous b-day celebrations at the Taos House, I got up about 6am, packed up my sleeping pad and bag, and headed up to the ski area. Skinned and skied while ski patrol bombed Kachina. Got up above the Phoenix, transitioned, and crashed on the turn onto the return trail. Quick ski

      • Saturday's Race Results
        Moved up a slot!

      • Lunch Run 1-30-12


      • And the best thing to watch before ski racing...
        Bang! Not a fan that he beats Bode though.

      • What not to do before GS racing...
        01/27/12 a bunch of ski racing crashes. Ouch!

        Double Ouch!

      • Great music
        Lots of good stuff I found because of the Art of Flight soundtrack:
        The Naked and Famous - Punching in a Dream
        The Naked and Famous - No Way
        The Naked and Famous - Young Blood
        M83 - We Own the Sky
        Deadmau5 Feat. Rob Swire - Ghosts 'n' Stuff (Nero Remix)

      • Week activities
        Took a 6 mile run with Mike and Mandy after work on Tuesday.

        Wednesday, I joined a handful of AMRC people for a training at Flake 'n Bake. Cool to running a high-angle lower off the cliff-face in the middle of the night with the city glowing below. I could see about 10 lights on tr

      • Taos Sunday!
        Skinned, shoed and skied the return run with Jason before a full day of 4+" power runs. Also got in 6 ridges with Taz, Ty and Ben before the end of the day. Good times.

      • Red River GS Race
        Raced in red river. Did much better this year with the Volkls!


        Corporate Cup and other race info here:

      • Wine Tasting at My Place!
        The spread:

        The crew:



      • Ice Climbing Trip
        Ice climbing trip to Ouray with AMRC folks was a lot of fun. 3 days of climbing and my forearms are feeling it.

        Ice Climbing Pictures


      • Bike Fitting
        Working with Jason to get proper bike dimensions. Goodbye Trek 1000. Hello Specialized Roubaix.

      • Grants Training
        Started at the Run/Bike transition. Ran - pretty good but the climb killed me with my thrashed calves. Bike didn't go well... even with a 20 minute break. Calves cramped coming down, and tightened up repeatedly on the way up.



      • 8.7 mi Run!
        Calves are goners.

      • Quad Training - Weekend of 1-7-12
        Saturday, hurting already, I got up early biked to the AMRC unloading for Cabela's gear. Biked home for a total of 24 mi of riding. Ran 4.5 miles in 45 minutes, and then went to Kerry's for steaks and beers before getting the 2nd shipment of 60 pallets of gear unloaded from 8-10:30pm. <

      • Ridgecrest run
        More than 5 miles at a 10 mph pace. Ok, but lots of chafing.

        Did better at the lower elevation. 4 miles in exactly 30 min.

      • Lots of skiing!
        Wolf Creek

        More Wolf


        Hiking at Taos

        And a few miles of cross country for good measure

      • Breaking 60 MPH on Skis!
        Cracked the 60 MPH mark on my AT Skis as the 2nd guy down the backside of Taos on Jan 2nd! Jason lead on his downhill Volkls and probably was flirting with 70 MPH.


      • New Years Ski Trip to Wolf Creek and Taos
        Grant with his toy at the cabin in Pagosa:

        Sunset at cabin:

        Poker = -$10.

        Torchlight on New Years Eve at Taos:

        Fireworks for New Years at Taos:

      • Snow Family in Illinois

      • 23rd Annual Hike to Bald Knob
        I've hiked up to Bald Knob Cross from my parent's place every winter since I was 5. Over the xmas break I completed the 23rd annual trip up.

      • Ski Tune and Wax with Jason

  • 2011
    • December
      • Let the Grants training begin
        Bought running shoes at Heart and Sole and went for a warm-up 2 mile jog:

        On the 9/80 off yesterday, I skinned and skied Sandia with Mike, Kevin, and Kevin's work buddy.

    • August
      • AMRC Mission 3
        Hiker with sprained/broken ankle 1.5 miles up La Luz. Litter hike out through slippery, spiky, rocky terrain. In field at 10:30, out at 12:15. Good AMRC turn out.

      • Scrimmage with Lovelace
        I played my first bit of semi-competitive soccer today since my ski injury in January. Felt pretty good even with the tight/pulled hamstring, rolled ankle, and tweaked knee. And as a bonus, I got to bike up to ADO only to find the fields full, so we drove down to Sandia Prep. A nice 7 mile warm u

      • Sander Van Doorn's Identity 90
        Nice songs from SvD's Identity 90:

        Nadia Ali & Starkillers - Keep It Coming
        Jaydee - Plastic Dreams (Koen Groeneveld Remix)

      • AMRC Mission #2
        A lead climber took a 60 foot whipper in Chimney Canyon on Muralla Grande or Clandestine Wall... I don't really know. By the time Nate and I got up there we could hear the helicopter evac'ing the patient. Certainly was a nice day though.

      • AMRC Mission
        I got to go on my first AMRC mission on Sunday. 18 year old male broke leg up from Embudo TH. I led Team 3 and set up and ran the first low angle lower. Great team response and the patient was out in 2 hours!

      • Disc Golf
        Disc golf with Jeff:


    • July
      • NW Ridge of The Thumb 7-30-11
        Kevin got me climbing in upper La Cueva Canyon again today. We did a fantastic line up The Thumb. Three 60' technical pitches at an average of 1 pitch/hour and then a long ridge simul-climb to the summit to beat the storms. Hit the trail at 12:30 just as the first crash of lightning struck.<

      • Uncompahgre and Wetterhorn
        Did a couple 14ers with the best mountaineering team ever assembled: Nate, Paul, Noah, and my dad! Spectacular trip with great fun had by all.







      • White Mesa Loop
        Did a lap around White Mesa this morning with Mike. Nice time out since we beat the heat. Only 8.5 miles with some moderate technical challenges. The real fun is that if you fall, you aren't going to stop for a while.


      • Bike Repair
        Last weekend, after heading down to Ahh, All out Sushi with some Mountain Rescue folks I was biking home at 1am and stripped a pedal (for the 2nd time!)...barely made it back. I finally got around to fixing it today.


      • Morning Ride
        We've got some hot, dry weather hitting us now. The only time to get out and ride (which is all that's allowed now due to the fire closures) is bright and early. Did 36 miles with Nate around town this morning.


      • Mt. Hood
        Had a great climb of Mt. Hood on June 24-25. The notoriously consistent cloudy weather broke for Nate and I as we drove down from Seattle and managed to gain 1000 ft before setting up the tent. Lots of snow catting here for the ski area. Up at 2:00am and climbing by 2:40am. The wind was brutal i

    • June
      • Seattle
        All I know about Seattle is what I new originally: they're big on fixies, starbucks, and REI. ...and the REI isn't all that impressive either. Sure it's got a forest around it, and there's a mountain biking path and a climbing gym, but they didn't have AT boots. What kind

      • Kaz tie
        Ran the 3 mile Sun run this morning at IEEE PVSC. I'm now the proud owner of a Kaz Solar 2011 Tie!

        Also, meeting all the big guns in PV: Sarah Kurtz, John Wohlgemuth, Kaz, plus Michael, Ward, Jennifer, etc. are up here too. Quite the event.

      • Wilsons trip
        Lot's of slogging in mushy snow with Nate, Jason, and Scott. Got Wilson Peak but no Mt. Wilson.

        Full Size

        Full Size

        Full Size

        Full Size

      • AMRC BrewFest tonight!
        Marble 2:00-11:00.

      • Dada Life Sausage Fattener
        More fatness!!!


      • Biking to work
        After a very long day at work, it's horrible to be confronted with a 20 mph head wind and thick, suffocating smoke. AZ is on fire and Albuquerque gets screwed.

      • Drivers in Burque
        So a couple guys in a beater low rider flipped me off, yelled at me, and then hit me with something off my helmet in the back of my head. I got the Nebraska license number and filed a police report. Maybe something will come of it, maybe not.

    • May
      • Soccer + Badminton = Jianzi
        Cool sport:

      • Weekend 5-29-11
        Exhausted from trying to ride with Mike and the other "casual" cyclists at lunch on Friday, I biked downtown and had sushi with Nate, Todd, and Kat before watching Hangover 2. Took the ham radio class Sat and Sunday, with a nice trip down to Marble with Nate to have an Amber and play hack

      • AMRC
        I have completed the AMRC final test and am now on the team. Thanks to all the team members, especially Justin, for putting the classes and trainings together.

        Also, this weekend I received my ham radio license so that I can better communicate on missions.

      • SFI Complexity Class
        The most interesting statement from the 3 day class was about why we can't find intelligent life in the vast cosmos. The answer: because as soon as life reaches a certain level of intelligence, the species has the ability to wield too much power in order to fight for the limited resources, and

      • Van Transmission
        Truches' 4WD roads/rocks caused a fracture in the van's transmission pan. It's a sad day in the life a the mountain machine, but I've got a replacement part on the way.

        I found out by backing out into the road and then not being able to use any gear or reverse. Had

      • Truches
        Attempted to climb Truches Peak with Nate and Megan. Epic fail.

        Late departure from ABQ (7am); didn't find the right trailhead, bushwhacked for a ways, found the trail but it was covered in dead trees - requiring an obstacle course-style of trekking, then the postholing began. We g

      • Buckskin Gulch
        Did around 50 miles of backpacking through Buckskin Gulch and Paria Canyon over 5 days/4 nights with Lisa and other CS company. Good time. Check out the pictures on the photoblog.

      • First sport leads
        Did a couple climbs on big block leading the sport pitches. Not terribly hard, but I'm glad I knocked them out without getting cheese grated on the limestone. Info:

        Big Block 1 - 5.7+: A very short route to the highest point on the Big Block. Very crimpy but it is about 15 degress

      • Trad Climbing Saturday in Upper La Cueva Canyon
        Kevin led a couple great climbs in the Sandias yesterday. It totaled 7 hours worth of rope work. Some pics in the photoblog.

        Estrellita (5.8):

        Miss Piggy (5.8):

        Those are about as

      • Big Block Climbs
        Top Roped the 1st and 2nd routes on the High Wall at Big Block. Good climbing. 5.10a and 9+.

      • Moab Trip Pictures are Up
        Took a trip with a large gang of Albuqerquians to Moab. Great time even though it was rainy 2 of the 3 days we were there.

        Shots of us canyoneering are on the photoblog.

    • April
      • Nerd Jokes
        Well, I like them:

      • Weekend in Town
        Floated the Rio Grande from Paseo Del Norte to Rio Bravo on Saturday with Jason, Nate, and Dusty. ~500 cfs means lots of walking and dragging.

        Sunday - Frontier, biked with Nate for the Albuquerque Ride for World Health Solidarity, and then hit up the

      • Heatbeat in Buenos Aires for ASOT 500
        Monster bootleg: Heatbeat & Exit vs. Matias Faint vs. Daft Punk vs. Pendulum vs. Energy 52 - Go vs. Paradise Garage vs. Last Breath vs. Aerodynamic vs. The Island vs. Café del Mar (Heatbeat Mashup)

        Plus, Heatbeat feat. Jeza - Ligh

      • W&W on ASOT500
        Catching W&W's set live on ASOT 500 from Den Bosch. So far so good. Love their sound.

      • La Luz Climb
        Got up the La Luz in 2:30 with a 35 lb pack for the AMRC agility test. Best time out of everyone in the class! Looks like I'm starting to find my form for Rainier.

    • March
      • Radiation
        If you are basing radiation safety procedure on an internet PNG image and things go wrong, you have no one to blame but yourself.

      • Weekday Activities
        Monday - Kelly's with Nate (2)
        Tuesday - BBQ at Jason's (5)
        Wednesday - Pre-St. Pats with Matt Brake (2)
        Thurs - St. Patty's Day - Climbing comp with Todd and Kat, BBQ at Mandy's with Dom, Nate, and Jason. Late visit with Mike. (11)
        Friday - Pizza and Explora

      • New Set
        Picking from

        1. Gareth Emery feat. Lucy Saunders - Sanctuary (Club Mix) (7:49)
        2. Ummet Ozcan - Indigo (5:30)
        3. Tiesto vs Diplo - CMon (Original Mix) (5:14)
        4. Delirious - Break Point (Voyager Rmx) (8:20)
        5. Pendulum - The Island - Pt. I (Dawn) (5:20)
        6. Kaskade

      • Get this
        Cirez D & acki Kokotos - Tomorrow
        Sied Van Riel feat. Nicole McKenna - Stealing Time (Aly and Fila Remix)

      • Touching...
        Laura Jansen - Use Somebody

        Or the more banging version...
        Laura Jansen - Use Somebody (Armin van Buuren Remix)

      • Houses
        Between and I've got the searching issue made. Now I just need to find a place to fall in love with...

      • Rainier Training
        Weekend of 3-12-11:

        Friday - Hiked and skied Sandia peak with Nathan before work. The ski area had been closed for a week. It was stressful to get back on skis after the MCL injury (even 7 weeks after the crash). Did fine though. Patchy and icy at the bottom of the mountain.
      • Best Life of my Night
        I'm really enjoying the Best Life of my Night blog. Even though the guy's a deadmau5 fan (I'll never forgive him for the blah performance at Red Rocks), there's a lot of good music on there.

      • Weekend Warrior
        Weekend of 3-4-11:

        Friday - Mountain biking on base
        Saturday - Training with AMRC:
        Sunday - Biking with Leigh, total of ~35 miles

    • February
      • Best set of 2010
        My vote goes to W&W - Mainstage 35

        Tracklist and download here.

      • Psytrance
        Enjoying Universal Religion 2011.

        X.S.I. - Nightmare
        Delirious - Break Point (Voyager Remix)

      • Lazy weekend
        - Reinstalled windows after my hard drive failed
        - Did my taxes
        - Mailed off the point and shoot camera for repair - cracked front glass from impact
        - Created a new bank account
        - Ran
        - Finished reading wired, photon, NG

      • Week update
        Back home after the Photon and NREL Module Reliability Workshops. Completely exhausted. And tomorrow I need to get 3-4 papers submitted to IEEE PVSC. Saving the world is hard to do.

        In other depressing news, I've pulled my right quad. So now with my left MCL tear, my right pulled

      • Clinky but Catchy
        Laidback Luke feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Timebomb (Instrumental Mix)

      • Best Tracks
        Thought I would share a list of my favorite trance tracks I threw together for a DJ friend.

        Dark Matter - Absolut (BK Remix)
        Lange - Harmonic Motion (Marcus Schossow Trouse Remix)
        Lisa Lashes - Lashed Theme (Gary Maguire Remix)
        P.A.F.F. - Duplicitous

      • Little nervous about tomorrows webinar
        200 of the PV industry's biggest honchos are going to be listening to my webinar tomorrow. Wish me luck.

      • Sander Van Doorn blows my mind
        As usual SvD has compiled a brilliant Identity radio show.

        Some Jems:
        1. Felix Da Housecat presents Thee Nese Djouma Projesi - Zaman (Moguai Mix)
        2. Hard Rock Sofa & St. Brothers - Blow Up (Thomas Gold vs Axwell Remix) []

      • Welcome to my blog
        Testing the blogging capabilities of my new site...