Travel from Santorini to Paros – June 27th

Jay, Mike, and I left Fira and took the local bus down the mountain to catch a ferry to sail to Paros. The port once again was very chaotic and we had to figure out how to buy tickets for the ferry. We found a boat that was about to leave, and got the company name. Jay went to buy tickets from the company while Mike and I waited in line. The line started boarding and Jay had texted us saying the ticket line wasn’t moving, so Mike and I stepped out of line to wait for him.

Next thing we see is Jay sprinting by with his backpack past the line and straight up to the boat. He was waving at us to follow, which we did, but we were confused at his rush because we were standing in the line that was boarding the ship. The port officials stopped him and he showed them the tickets, and they let him onto the ferry. Mike and I followed and got stopped by the port officials as well, but Jay had our tickets. We stood there yelling at Jay to come back with our tickets. It was a pretty funny series of events. We eventually made it onto the ferry and settled in for the ride. Jay told us that the people who sold him the tickets told him that if he wanted to make the ferry, he was going to have to sprint to the boat. They told him absolutely not to stand in line and to go straight past the port authorities, so that’s exactly what he did.

Ready to get off the ferry into Paros

We arrived in Paros and looked for the van to our beach camping spot. We didn’t find it, but we met someone who knew the owner of the camping spot, and he called him to come pick us up. We had a quick gelato while we waited for the van. Then we arrived at the beach camping spot. We set up our tent and then headed into town to get some groceries. We also ended up finding a bike shop and we rented some mountain bikes for the next day.

Krios Camping Site
Beach we’re camping near

After riding our bikes back to the camping spot, we put away our groceries and spent some time on the beach. I unfortunately made the mistake of sitting on the beach without bug spray and ended up with about a million mosquito bites.

Mosquito bites

I also discovered several side effects of scolpalamine patches (to prevent sea sickness) including severe cotton mouth, dilated pupils, and blurred vision close up. The effects eventually wore off once I took off the patch though. We turned in for the night and planned to get up early the next morning for our big bike adventure. 

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