Travel from Doha to Athens – June 23rd

On the morning of the 23rd, our last day in Doha, we slept in. I think we were still adjusting to the time change. Plus, Jay has been battling a cold that has left him achy and tired. We were leaving for Athens at around 3 o’clock, so we packed the laundry we washed the night before, did some reading/internet surfing, and headed to the corner restaurant for lunch. A Qatari father and son duo wearing the traditional Arabic thawb and head dress were eating lunch there as well. Surprised to see westerners at this local restaurant, the father struck up a conversation with us and asked where we were staying and how we knew about the restaurant. He said he and his son had been eating here for years and it was the best food in town. He asked the restaurant owner to bring us over some more dipping sauces and side dishes to try. He and his son had since finished their meal. We heard him talking to the restaurant owner in Arabic and it looked like he paid for his meal and was ready to leave. That’s when he told us that he had paid for our meal. We were flattered by the kindness and thanked him for making us feel welcomed into their country. And with that we headed to the airport to fly to Athens.

We arrived 4 hours later, took the metro to our Air B&B and turned in for the night. 

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