Stellenbosch, South Africa – August 31st

Today, we wanted to rent bikes and ride to the Stellenbosch Chocolate Festival which we had read about in the travel magazine on the plane. The Air B&B we rented advertised that they rented bikes, but when we inquired with the guy who checked us in, he said that they don’t have bikes to rent. Strike out #1. So we headed over to a place we found online that said they rented bikes for 400 rand. When we arrived, the guy told us that people come in often asking to rent bikes, but they don’t actually rent them. Well, it’s probably because your website says that you rent bikes and lists a price – just a guess. Strike out #2. The guy was nice enough to direct us to another shop that did rent bikes just across the way, so we headed over to this shop. We met a lady standing in the doorway who asked if we were there for the bike tour. We said no, but we wanted to rent some bikes to tour ourselves. She informed us that all of their bikes were rented for the day. Strike out #3. She directed us to another place that she thought rented bikes a little further away. So we headed over there. We didn’t end up finding the place, but we did find a beautiful walkway that ran along the university buildings.

We ended up seeing the same lady that told us about the bike shop we were looking for while she was out on her bike tour. We asked her again where the shop was located. She said it was close and road her bike over to check it out. Unfortunately, it was closed. Strike out #4. So, after 4 tries, we called it. We weren’t able to rent bikes which Jay was very sad about. I even tried to download an app to unlock some bikes from a bike share company, but I couldn’t find the right app. We tried everything, but it wasn’t in the cards for us. 

Instead, we decided to walk to the Chocolate Festival. It was about a 40 min walk according to google. We popped the champagne that we bought the day before and made some mimosas. Then we headed out. 

We weren’t sure what to expect from the chocolate festival. We didn’t know if it would have a lot of vendors or people, but we were hopping it would be worth the money we spent for the tickets. We did get a goody bag of chocolates with our entrance fee, so that was a plus. 

Stellenbosch Chocolate Festival

The festival was pretty standard. A bunch of booths were set up along the inside perimeter of a big building. You could get free samples at most of the booths, but they expected you to buy something if you sampled. So, we actually didn’t eat that much chocolate. We bought some assorted chocolates and some brownies and that was it.

Assorted chocolates

There were also a ton of gin, wine, and beer booths, so we sampled a lot of those.

Gin tasting table

We sat down at a table with our beer and brownies and were listening to the live band.

We ended up sitting across from another couple that was out on a date night. We ended up chatting with them, and one beer turned into a bottle of wine and before we knew it, we were at another bar with them.

We drank the night away and ended up at a little bar close to our Air B&B before calling it a night. We had a great time hanging out with these South African locals! 

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