Madagascar – September 12th

Jay was finally feeling better this morning, so we headed out to get him some food for breakfast. 

After breakfast and a short walk on the beach, we met up with Rado and he took us to the airport. We made sure he knew we had a wonderful time in his country, his driving was top notch, and the way he went above and beyond to find us hotels and restaurants was awesome. I hope he knew how much we appreciated having him as our driver/tour guide. 

We arrived at the airport quite early so Rado could get back on the road. Whereas the flight from Morondava to Antananarivo was 1 hour, the drive back was 2 days. We knew Rado was anxious to get back to his family after driving us around for over a week. We flew on a small prop plane back to Tana (as the locals call it) and walked to the apartment we were staying at. We had dinner at a little restaurant around the corner and then got some rest.  

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