Madagascar – September 11th

Well, the $10 plate of seafood that Jay was so excited about yesterday for lunch proved to be a mistake. He ended up with a pretty severe case of food poisoning last night. So, he was out for the count this morning and I was on my own. 

I opted out of the tour of the fisherman’s village Jay had originally wanted to do this morning and instead took a walk along the beach while Jay tried to recover in the room. 

Boats on the river that runs into the ocean (tide is way out)

On my walk there were quite a few people trying to sell me boat rides, fabrics, and face painting. After going through the routine of conversing with the sellers until they got the message that I wasn’t going to buy anything, I finally made it down the beach. I walked until I hit a river and couldn’t go any further. Then, I turned around. I found a nice spot on the beach to sit which seemed to be out of the way of the people selling things. Of course some of them found me. But in the mean time, I typed out some blog posts and read some of my book. 

Where the river enters the ocean
Fishermen getting their boats ready

As a sat there, a young girl came up and introduced herself in Malagasy and then she tried in French. I thought she was going to try to sell me something, but she was just being friendly. She didn’t speak English, but was very interested in talking to me. She would write words in the sand to see if I better understood, but I still didn’t speak Malagasy or French. She took my book and thumbed through it. There was a section with pictures of elephants and she looked at each one. Then she grabbed my phone and started taking pictures. I had it in the back of my head that she could easily get up and run with my phone, but she didn’t. She was just a curious girl on the beach. She looked through my photos I had taken on the trip and was excited to see the pictures of the fosa and the baobabs. Then she found the video button. She started taking video of me and had me repeat what she was saying in French and in Malagasy. She got a kick out of that. I asked Rado later what she was having me say, and it was the days of the week. After about 40 minutes on the beach, she was finally satisfied with exploring everything I had. Of course she couldn’t leave without asking for a bonbon, so I gave her a couple candies and she was off. 

Young girl I met on the beach

By now it was noon, and I had to get back to the hotel to meet Rado and see how Jay was doing. I grabbed some waters for Jay on the way back and found him up and sitting on the balcony outside the room. He said he still didn’t feel great, but was good enough to go to the beach for the afternoon. 

Rado took us to a restaurant for lunch where Jay got a bowl of rice to the confusion of the waiter who didn’t speak English. Rado explained that Jay wasn’t feeling well and that seemed to clear up the confusion. Then we spent a couple hours at Kimony Beach just relaxing and swimming in the surprisingly warm water. 

Jay’s fancy rice lunch
Kimony beach

For dinner, all Jay thought sounded good was bananas, so we walked to the local market and bought some. We looked for some bread so I could make a sandwich, but like the rest of Madagascar, we had trouble finding it. I told Jay to head back to the room, and I would look for some dinner for myself. I didn’t end up finding any bread and headed back to the room with some snacks. To my surprise, Jay had found a bakery on his walk back (he took a different way back to avoid the smell of the fish market). We had a quick dinner and turned in early for the night. 

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