Madagascar – September 10th

This morning, we did a short hike in Kirindy National Reserve. After spotting several lemurs and a chameleon, we met up with Rado again. 

We drove back to Morondava making two stops along the way. One stop was at the sacred Baobab. This Baobab is thought to be the oldest in the area and people often pray to it and give sacrificial offerings such as chicken’s blood.

Sacred Baobab
Sacred Baobab

The second stop was at the loved Baobab. This Baobab’s trunk split in two and then wrapped around itself so it looks like two trees hugging. That’s why they call it the loved Baobab.

We arrived in Morondava around noon and checked into our hotel. We told Rado to take the rest of the day off and we walked into town. As we were looking for a lunch spot, we met Rado walking around in town. He showed us where a nice restaurant for lunch was and then headed out. 

After lunch, Jay and I walked along the beach and relaxed at our hotel which is right along the beach. 

Interestingly, the hotel we are staying at was hit by the March 2019 hurricane that destroyed Mozambique’s coast. The entire front half of the hotel has fallen into the sea. And when we checked in, the receptionist apologized for the restaurant being swept away to sea as well. We had no idea the hotel was in this state of repair, but our room was very nice, quite, and right on the beach, so we stayed. We were kind of glad to be supporting a hotel that probably wasn’t doing very well after the hurricane. 

Our hotel – our room is to the far right of the picture
Room that was destroyed by hurricane
Kids on the beach excited to see my phone

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