Kleinmond, South Africa – September 1st

Today was a recovery day after our night out drinking the previous night. We nursed our hangovers as we drove the long way to our next destination. We wanted to camp along the beach and found a nice campsite called Palmiet Campground in the city of Kleinmond, so that’s where we were headed.

We took a scenic route to the campsite and saw some beautiful farmland along the way. There were fields of yellow, purple, and orange flowers in addition to the greenery.

We stopped about half a dozen times to get out and take pictures because Jay said it was too beautiful not to take a picture. We eventually arrived at our campsite around 3:00pm. 

When we got to our campsite, Jay gave me an impromptu lesson on how to drive a manual car. I was a little scarred from my first experience driving manual (that’s another story). So, he taught me the very basics and I drove about 40 feet in the campground parking lot. Yay!

We set up our tent at the site we chose. Then we took a walk along the beach. There was an entrance to the beach right by our campsite which is one reason we chose the one we did. 

The beach was of course beautiful and empty like almost all the beaches we’ve been to in South Africa. The waves were huge and we were enjoying watching them crash and spray on the rocks. 

After returning from the beach, Jay got the braii going and we cooked some dinner. Then we enjoyed the rest of the night at the quiet campground. 

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