Fira, Santorini – June 25th

We woke up at around 5:30am to catch a 7:00am ferry to Santorini. We got all of our stuff ready and headed out to the bus stop just in time to see our bus driving away. All transportation seems to leave early in Greece. No big deal, another bus would be there in 11 minutes. So we waited the 11 minutes and the next bus never came. After waiting a little bit longer, we decided we should just catch a cab to the port. We arrived in plenty of time, got our tickets for the ferry and hopped on the boat. We were two of only about a half-dozen people in our cabin, so the boat was fairly empty. However we weren’t allowed on the top deck because that was for first class passengers. We did sneak up there for just a minute before we left though.

We arrived in Santorini at around 1 o’clock. The port is confined by the large cliffs of Santorini and this made it a very small and chaotic area. Trying to accommodate the multiple ferries and cruise ships coming into the port was quite a task for the people working the port.

Santorini port

We were staying in a town called Fira which is on top of a very large cliff. Thus, we needed some type of transportation to the top. There was a local bus, but the many private companies who were excellent sales people got us to pay their steeper price for a van ride up the many hairpin turns of the cliff.

We were dropped off at our hostel, checked in, and headed out to the pool.

Pool at our hostel in Santorini
Pool time at hostel

After some pool time and our first beer of the trip, we went out to explore the city. Santorini island was formed by the remnants of a volcanic caldera. When the volcano exploded, it left a sinkhole in the middle and the rim of the caldera is where Santorini sits. The city is picturesque with its whitewashed houses lining the sides of the caldera.

Fira or Thira, Santorini

We spent a lot of time walking along the pathway at the top of the city. We eventually found Three Bells Church which was beautiful with its blue dome and whitewashed walls.

Three Bells Church
Three Bells Church

We finished up our walk and then headed back to our hostel for the night. We had a busy day planned tomorrow with some of Jay’s friends who were meeting us in Santorini.

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