Doha, Qatar – June 22nd

Today we set our alarm early because we were going “Dune Bashing.” Our car picked us up at 7:00am and we headed out into the desert. Our first stop was a camel ride. We pulled up in the car and the camels were brought out to us. They knelt down on command and we hopped on and took off on our ride.

After the ride we were given some tea and sat down in a carpeted tent.

After sitting for a short time, a gentleman came carrying a falcon. Jay had been looking for a falcon this entire trip and we finally got to hold one.

We got some great pictures, and then the family of the gentleman with the falcon invited us into his tent for dates and coffee. He told us he really liked Americans, but “Trump was rubbish.” 

Next it was time for some Dune Bashing. We let the air out of the tires to 12 psi and our driver took off with us into the desert. We went up, down, and sideways on the dunes. We even went backward down some of the dunes. It was quite the ride. 

After doing some sand surfing (using wooden boards to slide down the dunes) and a little beach time, we headed back to our house. It was definitely a tour worth the money! 

The guide made me go backward so the sand wouldn’t spray me in the face.
Completely private beach! The only access is through miles and miles of dunes.

For lunch, we took our couch surfer host out to lunch, and then headed to the Great Mosque. 

There are 99 domes on top of the Great Mosque.

We weren’t allowed inside the prayer room, but the security guards did let us look in from the doorway. By this time, we were melting from the heat again. Jay is also coming down with a cold, so we decided to call it a day and go home, relax, and do some laundry before we head to Greece tomorrow.

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