Travel from Uganda to Kenya – July 26th

We were flying out of Uganda to Nairobi the next morning.  Our plane left at 10:50 am. Jay got a text from a woman named Remmy who said she was coming to the hotel to give us our full money reimbursement based on orders from her boss, Jon Hunwick. We were shocked. We went to the hotel restaurant to get breakfast, and sure enough, Remmy showed up and gave us all of the money we had lost. She was very apologetic and kind about the whole matter. Once we got our money back, we were grateful and breathed a sigh of relief. We were seriously worried about how we were going to pay for the rest of our trip.

But there was no time to waste because we had to get to the airport. We thanked Remmy and ordered our Uber. Unfortunately, Kampala traffic was pretty bad. Plus, our Uber driver didn’t have any fuel, so we had to stop for him to get money and put gas in his car. After all of this, we were running very late. Just before we arrived at the airport, we had to wait in a long security checkpoint line. We actually had to get out of the car and go through a metal detector while our Uber driver followed behind us. When we arrived at the airport, we had 10 minutes before check-in for our flight was closed. But, the airport was very small – only 4 gates – so we got through immigration and security in a matter of minutes. Our flight also ended up being delayed so we had even more time. We flew to Nairobi on a tiny little prop plane which was interesting. They tried to sell us watches and duty free items while on the flight. We arrived in Kenya at around 1:00 pm and headed to the hotel. 

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