South Africa – August 27th

Today, our plan was to drive from Hout Bay over to Muizenberg and then end the day in Simon’s Town. We made it to Muizenberg via Chapman Peak toll road. The road was along the coast and we stopped so many times along the way just to take in the spectacular views of the bay, waves, and cities. 

Car we rented in front of stunning beach

In Muizenberg, we visited a local beach. We watched the locals surfing and enjoyed the colorful huts that lined the shore. We guessed that these huts could be rented for storage, but weren’t sure. 

Jay’s family had a friend whose sister used to live in South Africa. She put us in touch with some of her friends who are still here. The first stop was to meet June who owned a local pizza restaurant called Joon. We chatted with June and she gave us some recommendations about what to do in South Africa. She was kind enough to consult some other people and gave us a hand written route to take that avoided all the construction along the Garden Route. We also met another friend-of-a-friend who worked down the street from Joon. She stopped by and gave us some tips and invited us to the local pub quiz tomorrow.

After our delicious pizza lunch, we headed to Simon’s Town. We got an Air B&B here. After hangin up our wet laundry that hadn’t dried the night before, we took a walk down the road to Boulder Beach.

View from our Air B&B in Simon’s Town

Boulder Beach is home the native African penguins. There is an entire park where you can view them swimming and laying in the sand.

The penguins were very cute. They were clumsy on land, but were expert swimmers in the huge waves of the Atlantic Ocean. There were over 200 penguins that lived here. 

We ended the day by admiring the stunning beaches and mountains in Simon’s Town. Jay and I both agreed that we could definitely live in South Africa if we ever decided to live abroad!

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