Rwenzori Trek Day 3 – July 18th

We knew today was going to be a tough day in the mud. Little did we know, we would be wearing our gum boots every day except summit day from here on out.  We left Mutinda Camp at around 9:00 am. Sam gave me an extra pair of sole inserts to put in my mud boots because they were too big, and I had slipped out of them he day before. The extra soles helped to at least keep my boots on. We went through about 6 km of mud. Luckily, there were some boardwalks to help us along. Otherwise today would have been very challenging. 

Jay woke up feeling like he had a cold so we took it pretty slow today. Plus, we were exhausted after climbing to the lookout yesterday. Going through the mud was challenging. You had to think about every step you took to make sure you didn’t sink too far or get stuck in the mud. It is also much more exhausting because you are constantly pulling your feet out of the suction cup created by the mud. But after our initial climb through a valley, the terrain was relatively flat until right at the end when there was a steep climb to Bugata Camp. 

We ate lunch at a nice rock looking out on a glacier lake.

Then we headed up the steep climb to the camp. We went through a field of what Henry told us were Everlasting flowers which was very pretty.

Everlasting flowers

The terrain is much more alpine up here with fewer trees and shorter shrubs and bushes. We made it to Bugata Camp around 1:10pm. 

Today was actually a very sunny day and it felt nice to sit outside in the warm sun. It also helped to dry out all the wet clothes we’d been wearing for the last 2 days.

Our camp was perched on top of a large rock that overlooked the valley and glacier lake. It was very picturesque so I took advantage of the scenery and sun and laid out on a rock for some time which was really nice. 

After our hike we relaxed with our tea and cookies as usual and lazed around. I played solitaire while Jay rested and tried to get over his cold. Then we had a spaghetti dinner, had our evening briefing, and went to bed. 

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