Mykonos – July 1st

Today we set out to go to Mykonos Town which is a short bus ride from where we were staying. The town is just as picturesque as the ones in Santorini and Paros – whitewashed walls with blue rooftops and windows.

Our first stop was to see the windmills of Mykonos. They were old round buildings with straw roofs and wooden arms.

After the windmills, we walked through Mykonos town, did some window shopping, and got a 4 euro gyro for lunch.

And guess what happened next?!? We met the King of Mykonos! He was a pink Pelican named Petros.

We learned that the original king was hit by a truck on the tiny roads of Mykonos and this was a new one shipped in from a German zoo, but it was still exciting to see. After meeting the king, we headed back to our camping area for some beach time. We put on our bathing suits, made some drinks, and headed out to the beach.

We found some shaded chairs and decided to sit in them until we were kicked out for not paying which happened about a half an hour later. So instead, we found an even better little shady spot high in the rocks above the water. It was a beautiful little secluded area.

When we ran out of our drinks, we headed back to our cabin and got ready for dinner. Ximena had seen a sign for traditional homemade Greek food on the way over to the camping grounds so we headed over there to get dinner. I had a dish made of vegetables grown in their garden and Jay had one of the best gyros I had tasted yet. We also got a banana, chocolate, and ice cream crepe for dessert.

Unfortunately, throughout the day, I had been feeling sick and was getting a petty bad sore throat and headache. So we went home to try to sleep off any sickness that I might have got

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  1. We are enjoying following your travels through your blog and the garmin. We check everyday to see what you both are doing. We have been enjoying our time with Ella. Stay safe and keep posting. Love mom & dad

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