Livingstone/Victoria Falls, Zambia – August 22nd

Today was our trip to Devil’s Pool. Devil’s Pool is basically an infinity pool at the top of the waterfalls. You can sit on the edge of the falls and you can even dangle off the edge while the guides hold your legs. 

We caught the free shuttle from the hostel back to Victoria Falls. Then we had a short briefing and signed the release forms before meeting our guide. We had a slight hiccup when the guide told us that Jay could not wear his sandals which were the only water shoes he had. Luckily, he was able to rent some crocs for the journey. 

We headed out with our guide and one other guy from the hostel (Carsten from the TAZARA train). We walked across the dry rock beds where the river runs during the high season. Devil’s Pool isn’t even open during the high season because the high water levels make it too dangerous. They do have another pool called Angel’s Pool that tourists can visit during the high season, but it’s apparently not as good. 

We crossed several areas of water until we reached Livingstone Island. Here we changed into our bathing suits and dropped off our bags. Then, another guide took us into the water. The guide we had come with took our cameras and took pictures of us while in the pool. 

There were two ropes set up which we held onto while getting into the water.

Then we swam across the water to another set of rocks where we entered Devil’s Pool. The guide went first, and then we followed. We sat on the edge and took some pictures.

Then we each took turns “Superman-ing” over the edge while the guide held onto your feet. I thought it would be terrifying, but you actually feel really secure on the ridge of rocks the separates you from the falls. It was such a cool experience to look over the falls from the top. There was a huge double rainbow from the mist and combined with the massive falls it was extremely beautiful. 

We only got 40 min in the pool, so once we finished our pictures, we were thrown a rope and pulled back up onto the rocks that we entered from. Our guide greeted us with towels and some sodas and we headed back. 

For lunch we grabbed some pizza at the same bar we played trivia at the night before. Africa really doesn’t have a lot of cheese, so the pizza was a good way to satisfy that craving. Then we hung out by the pool the rest of the afternoon.

Jay ended the night participating in “bar bungee”at the hostel. He was connected to a bungee cord and ran over to a box filled with balloons against the resistance of the cord. The balloons had prizes in them, the biggest prize being a free bungee jump off the bridge you use to cross into Zimbabwe. Jay didn’t end up winning a prize. He got a paper that said, “Sorry, better luck next time” with a frowny-face. But I think he had a fun time with the bungee.

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