Livingstone/Victoria Falls, Zambia – August 21st

Today we caught the free bus from the hostel to Victoria Falls. We were actually quite surprised to see how dry they Falls were at this time. Nearly the entire Zambia side of the Falls was empty rocks. You could see some falls along the Zimbabwe side, but it required a passport and visa fees to cross the border and get back. Even still, the shear size of the Falls was impressive. We walked the many paths around the area and took in the views. 

Victoria Falls – Dry season
Victoria Falls
Knife’s Edge Bridge
Bridge to Zimbabwe

We even took a trail called the Boiling Pot down to the bottom of some of the Falls. It was an area where the water swirled like boiling pot of water and was quite impressive. We were later told that this is where our white water rafting trip will start which we are excited about. 

The Boiling Pot

We spent the rest of our afternoon lounging by the pool.

After sunset, the power at the hostel went out. So we ate our dinner by headlamp and then headed to a local bar for a pub quiz with several other people staying at the hostel. We missed the first two rounds by the time we arrived. But a couple of our team members did a rapid fire version of round two which was naming countries based on their flags and they got every single one right. 

We were given the points for this round and by round 4, we had moved up to 4th place. I helped by correctly naming nearly all of the questions during the cartoon silhouette round. I think my Aunt Connie will be happy to hear that I was also able to help my team by knowing that Elvis Presley had a twin. Sadly we didn’t fair as well on the round “All about cats.” Who knew the gestation period of cats was 2 months?!? Jay helped out a lot during the bonus round and was able to name all of the marked countries on a map. We ended up coming in second place! It was quite a comeback. After closing down the bar, we headed back to the hostel and got some rest before our big trip to Devil’s Pool the next day. 

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