Livingstone and Travel to Cape Town, South Africa – August 24th – 25th

August 24th

Today was a relaxing day for us in Livingstone after all the excitement of Devil’s Pool and white water rafting. We went and saw the Livingstone Museum which was a short walk from our hostel. It outlined how David Livingstone founded Victoria Falls and his many other journeys in Africa. It also went through the history of the area and Zambia’s political changes up to the present.

After getting some education about the area, we hung out by the pool the rest of the day. We head to South Africa tomorrow!

August 25th

We took a walk in the morning, then caught a taxi to the airport. We flew to Cape Town, South Africa with a layover in Johannesburg. It was kind of funny because about 6 people from the hostel were on the same flight we were, but most of them were transferring in Johannesburg.

When we arrived in Cape Town, we had 5 tasks to complete: 1) get money 2) get our bags 3) get groceries (Luckily, the tap water is drinkable, so we didn’t have to buy water) 4) rent a car 5) drive to our Air B&B. We completed steps 1-3 pretty easily. Next was renting the car. It cost extra to get an automatic car, and Jay felt pretty confident that he could drive a manual. However, consider that the driver’s seat is on the right side, the stick shift is on the left, and pretty much everything is reversed made it a little more exciting. Plus, trying to drive on the left side of the road, figure out the foreign traffic signs, drive at night, and in the rain made it quite the endeavor. But, he did a great job getting us to our place. 

We were staying in a little apartment in Hout Bay which is right outside of Cape Town. This is one of the most beautiful spots we have been in Africa, and that is saying something because we’ve been in a lot of beautiful spots! 

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