Kasese, Uganda – July 24th

We ended up staying in Kasese an extra day because we had to go back to the police station the next day and provide our official statements. The RTS van picked us up a little before 11:00 am and took us back to the police station. We met the Officer in Charge of the Station again who was now in uniform where she had been in plain clothes the day before. She took us to meet the OC CID who was the Officer in Charge of the Criminal Investigation Department. We gave our official statements while the OC CID hand wrote them. Jay gave his first and then I gave my statement as his witness. It took a long time, but finally, we had officially filed our statements. They were hand written, hole-punched, and tied together with a purple piece of yarn and that was the document that was taken to the higher court. We were told that it would take several days to hear back from the courts on whether Jean would be further investigated. At this point, she had been in jail a night, but she still hadn’t confessed.  The officers called her a “hard woman” and said that she was not talking.  So basically we had to wait and see what the higher court said. 

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