Kampala, Uganda – July 25th

Today we took the bus from Kasese back to Kampala. It was the same link bus that we rode down. Just like before, it was about 8 hours on a hot, crowded bus. When we finally arrived in Kampala, we were so ready to get off the bus. We grabbed our bags and navigated the incredibly crowded streets of Kampala to our hotel. We were pretty exhausted from everything we had just been through, so we grabbed a quick dinner at the hotel restaurant. Then we decided to celebrate with some bakery treats. We found a bakery nearby and bought some cakes to have back at the hotel. The next day we leave Uganda and head to Nairobi, Kenya for our safari. 

We still had t heard anything from the Ugandan police about our theft case, but Brian from RTS had given us the WhatsApp number for the owner of the Rwenzori Trekking Company (RTS). His name was Jon Hunwick and he lived in Kampala. Brian said he had been talking with Jon, and we decided it would be a good idea to tell him what happened from our point of view. So during the bus ride, Jay was texting him. At first, he was very apologetic and offered to pay us half of what we lost. We thought this wasn’t 100% right because it was their company that screwed up and now we were essentially taking partial blame for being robbed. When we didn’t whole-heartedly accept Jon’s offer of 50% of our losses, Jon started playing hardball. He accused us of not having any common sense when we left our money-belts at the hostel, told us we were to blame, and said that we are stealing money from the poor Ugandans. When we reminded him that we were the victims in this situation, and it was his employee who broke protocol and did not log and lock our money in the safe, he stopped texting. So we decided we would leave it up to the courts. 

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