Cape of Good Hope hike, Day 2 – August 29th

We started our hike at about 0800 this morning. Today’s hike was definitely flatter and thus made the trek much quicker. We were told that this hike would take 10 hours. However, we ended up doing it in a little over 6 hours. 

The trek started with a 6 km walk along the beach. We walked in the sand and watched the sites on the beach. 

The trail then turned in toward the mountains. Just before it turned away from the ocean, we came across a family of baboons. They usually don’t mess with humans unless they smell food. Then they can become aggressive. Well, we had food on us, so I was a little nervous. But, we passed a few of them without issue and then turned up toward the mountains before encountering the rest of the pack.

Baboons in the background if you look closely

At the top of the hill, we headed down the other side to an old shipwreck site from 1968. It was impressive to see the hull of the ship all rusted in the water. 

Next we traversed across a beautiful field of wildflowers and other flora. This was actually private property, so we couldn’t stop on it for lunch. We finished the 6 km of walking across the field and headed to a nearby lake for lunch. 

Lake where we had lunch

We were almost done with the hike by this point. According to the map, we would cross two roads and summit one more small mountain and we would be back at the car. 

Climbing to the top

After submitting the mountain, we realized there was one more mountain we had to summit that wasn’t on the map. But we eventually did it and reached our car. It did seem like the trail makers unnecessarily create trails with climbs and winding paths that did not need to be there. But we finished our 33.5 km hike by around 1420 and were happy to be done. 

Top of the first hill
Last trail marker before the end

After reaching the car, we took a little rest and then drove over to Van Riebeeckstramd where we booked an Air B&B for the night. We got a little spot right on the beach. We cooked our dinner and called it a night. 

View from the porch of our Air B&B
Jay cooking dinner on the braai (Afrikaans for BBQ)

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